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  1. I lost my rod and reel in the Ohio river yesterday but luckily I got it back a couple hours later (no clue how that happened). It's a brand new $130 Daiwa Tierra and I want to make sure it lasts forever. It's making a weird sound and it sounds like there's some sand and dirt in there. Is there a reel cleaner on the east side of Cleveland? I usually take it over to Rodmakers, but that's a pain getting over in time before they close.
  2. I mailed Rodmakers a reel a couple of months ago and I went and picked it up. With todays gas prices and Turnpike fees, my next time I'll see if they could send it back if I paid the postage. You may want to see if they would mail it back if you sent it to them.

  3. why cant you just tear them down and clean it yourself?? Just a stupid question
  4. Yea Joel, take the damn thing apart and fix it already. ;)

    BTW, how the hell did you lose that? Details man....details!
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    yep, they will mail them back to you....great store.
  6. How did you lose it, better yet how did you get it back? Be sure not to turn that handle to many times with sand in the gears. Happen to me the first time I went surf fishing, got sand in the gears not a good thing.
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    how bout he is in independance ohio or 216 5713743
  8. Freyedknot, thanks for the website. I don't want to clean it myself because it seems pretty bad. I want a pro to do it (and I'm far from a pro).

    Ok, here's what happened. I was in my kayak with my rods in front of me tightlining for cats. They got a little close to each other and my one rod got a hit. I picked it up to set the hook and flung the other rod into the water. I reached down to grab it and it was gone. I casted a couple times to snag it and only snagged a stick. So after a few four letter bombs, I came to the realization that I just tossed $200 into the river. I figured it was down in Cincinnati by now.

    About an hour and a half later, I decided to move. I went up by Vkutsch who was about 25 yards upstream from me. With the current, it was hard to anchor. The current took me into him, and I had to paddle so we weren't right on top of each other. As I'm paddling away, he thinks he's hooked to one of my poles. There's line wrapped around his kayak. He's pulling on it and I said "no, you don't have me" because my rods were accounted for. He then asks what kind of line was on my rod that I lost, and I told him Fireline. That's what was wrapped around him. I look over and there is a rod tip at the stern of his yak. I get closer and it's the rod I lost. I have no idea how that happened, considering he was upstream of me when I lost it. My guess is that when I lost it, I floated downstream with my anchor dangling and somehow it got wrapped around my anchor and was there the whole time. When the current took me into his yak, it must have gotten caught on him.
  9. You are the luckiest guy I know! LOL!:p
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    Hahah good story joel..
    Last time I tryed to clean a spinning reel I broke it.
    Needless to say after rodmakers fixed it I never cleaned another reel again. :)
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    You shoulda seen the look on his face when his rod flipped into the river!

    That current was RIPPIN- it's a miracle he got it back.

  12. I just did the same thing to one of my favorite ultra light shimano's i had since i was 20... 13 yrs of service... booooo..

    I hope Rod Makers can save the day.... i love that little FX 1000 (best cheap real i ever bought)

    wow . cool story Joel!

    im glad you got your gear back!


  13. Not a stupid question - probably what I would first attempt. If you don't like the results, look to a pro to clean it. Remove the handle and side access panel. Also remove the spool. Once open, don't move anything else inside - just rinse everything out well with a degreaser. Rinse and repeat until it looks like everything is clean inside. You can use a q-tip to get to the nooks and crannies where the stuff doesn't come off on its own. Apply a light oil to the gears and area where the shaft goes into the spool. Put the access panel and spool back on and give it some cranks.

    If it still is noisy/rough, you probably have a bearing problem and requires replacement. The biggest weak point is the anti-reverse bearing below the spool assembly. This is often a set of bearings encased in a plastic shroud to keep everything in its place. Dipping the reel in the water may cause water to get inside of the plastic and messes with the bearings. Even with a $100+ reel, most bearings are rust-proof except for this complicated bearing assembly.
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    Tha Daiwa Tierra's have a sealed, waterproof drag system. Most likely, some dirty water has infiltrated the crank gears. Pop the side cover off and see what's in there. Some dirt is probably caught in the factory grease, and just needs cleaned and replaced.
  15. Even the anti-reverse bearing? That's a good thing if so. I bought a 'highest-end' bass pro reel (don't know who made it, won't make that mistake again) that had sealed bearings except for the anti-reverse bearing. Once drop in the river filled the plastic bearing cover with muddy water to mess it up.
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    I have no idea if the anti-reverse bearing is waterproof(ed). They only advertise the drag system as being sealed and waterproof.

    I've used the Tierras for the past two seasons. They're great reels.
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    Joel, that is hilarious! Musky Guy shared a similar story a few weeks back. He lost a rod and ended up snagging it with a trolling pass. Good stuff, glad you got it back!
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    Same thing happened to me at Presque Isle (Erie)! It was a stradic/st. croix. combo, over $200 also! We somehow snagged the line after fishing for another hour. As far as cleaning goes, you may just want to take it apart by yourself piece by piece, marking where each piece belongs if your memory is like mine! Clean the parts with simple green. Oil the bearings. Remove old grease from the crankcase and replace with hot sauce.
  19. Joel,
    Grand River Tackle will do it. I have taken a couple reels there over the years and have been pleased with them.

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    Just throw it into the river again, that'll clear it up:p

    I was upstream of Archman when this happened and all I could see was some guy floundering by the side of his kayak like he had just dumped his wallet overboard. I could also hear something about a "Duck" and how much "IT" was bothering him.

    I soon had a cell phone ring explaining what had happened (the guy sounded pretty bummed and was ready to go) but stuck it out. I think he may've even bought vkutsch a happy meal after we got off the water.