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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Bob Why, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. George's Tackle on Rt6 in Lorain has Slightly Blemished Reef Runners, Ripsticks and Little Rippers, 3 for $10. George also has an assortment of Silver Streak and R&R Tackle Blades.
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  2. New 2008, 2009 large deep divers? Bare naked, tutti fruit etc?

  3. I did see a couple of Pearl Ghosts but nothing else. Does have some very interesting ones. A clear body with white scales, a clear body with purple back and pink scales. and a bunch of others.
    No prism tape in either one.
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    any chartruse body, orange back with gold speckels all over;)
  5. Tom, I don't know if there was one like that or not. I basically was looking for rip sticks so realy didn't pay attention to all the colors just if it had a short bill. Then I looked at color. I have enough reef runners but short on rip sticks.
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    i think he was looking for a similiar pattern to a bass plug???? :confused: :)
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    I went to George's on saturday He had alot of different colored rip stick and little rippers but the deep divers were blue/silver and golden shinner were the two i saw the most of