Reds Trade Dunn to the D-Backs

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by krustydawg, Aug 11, 2008.

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    what the h#11 is going on in cinci?

  2. glad there's a bengals game to watch tonight. i am sure this trade will backfire like the josh hamilton trade did.
  3. Me to, I guess I will have to read a little more about the players they got for Dunn before I pass judgement.
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    Doesn't Fan said, the "Mighty Bengals" are kicking it off tonight...! :D
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  6. Im very happy that the Bengals are back in action tonight...the pitcher that the Reds got for Dunn seems like a fringe player at best from what I could gather on the teams website, it appears to me to be more of a salary dump than anything...I hope the Reds invest the money the have saved on Griffey and Dunn this offseason.
  7. dump dump dump dump is all it seems like they ever do and it never works out same crap ball club, not much of any power in great american small park anymore which doesnt make much sense and it looks like we are going to be losing a long time...just thank god the football preseason has started...
  8. New management, new style. Walt should be able to put together a contender. I think we will be building until 2010, unless he has some Ace up his sleeve.
  9. I agree we will be rebuilding for a year or two, Im willing to cut them some slack with this as long as the process shows some direction, I just hope we dont become like the Pirates who seem to be constantly rebuilding, once they get a core of young talent they swap them off.
  10. Sorry to see Dunn go, even though I never liked his "D", he was a valuable part of the offense. I hope they got something in return...we will see.

    Got to disagree with the Josh Hamilton trade comment. In return for Hamilton, who had been injury-prone and inconsistent with the Reds, they got an 24 year-old All-Star pitcher who looks like he will only get better.

  11. Not ready to give up on Volquez yet, but he has had a rough start to the second half. Hamilton appears to be the real deal.

    Dunn had his issues, but was a decent peice to give up for apparently nothing. If this was a salary dump and a move to start over fine. If they spend that money on some middle of the road 30 year old BOOOOO!

    Dunn is young and could get better.

    I am OK with youth movement and total rebuild. No quick fixes. If the Reds are going to win in the current era of baseball they will need to build strong organization and get lucky.
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    i liked dunn very much as a red. however, i wasn't having to pay him either. i dread watching tonite's game as that maroon on teevee feels compelled to call the PIRATES the BUCKOS ad nauseum. what a bonehead!!!!!!!!
  13. Like I said Im willing to give them a couple years, from what I have read Jockety plans on more wealing and dealing in the offseason, they freed up 25-26 mill with the trades of Griffey and Dunn...but yet the dont sound very optimistic about the chances of signing a big name or two in the offseason so Im not really sure how to take that, just dont be like the Pirates, I hate to keep bringing them up but in my opinion they are dumping on there fans by continually getting rid of there best players every other year in the name of rebuilding.
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    It wasnt a true salary dump guys, Dunn was NOT going to re-sign w/ the Reds, so they got something for him now. Sucks to see him go, say what you will, he did hit HR's. 550 HR's will get him into Cooperstown even w/ a low battign average. He will be playing in CO tomorrow. I'm calling it now, he'll hit at least two HR's in that series if, it's a 3 game series. :)
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    I'll also add.....

    That I hate to see him go for the same reasons I hated Kearns & Willy Mo go, I got to see these guys tear it up here in Dayton (for the Dragons!)
  16. i'll second that mellon it was nice seeing them play here in dayton and tear it up...having followed dunn since being a dragon it sucks to see him go but as they have been saying he gets to go to a contending team and help them out now...and they wouldnt have resigned him and did manage to get something out of him now...
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    i hate to see dunn, go, but the reds were not winning with him so what matters..I heard Joe Morgan talking today and he said the reds need alot of things but most of all players who play with fire and determination..He said dun and griffey were the 2 vetern players who should have been getting on the younger guys...but netither of them were fire and determination guys.
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    I heard Brandon Phillips talking about Dunna and while he wished Dunn good luck, he didn't see too broken hearted about seeing Dunn leave. Phillips has wanted the leadership role and the "C" that Larkin (PRIOR to the Griffey/Larkin dyas) wore. I think Phillips is the kind of guy that can be a leader. He seems to leave it all on the field so to speak.
  19. this did not help the Cubs....already have enough trouble with the D-backs!!!!