Reds Opening Day

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  1. IS anyone else as excited as I am for the Reds 08 season.


    new closer, better bullpen, hitting prospects who can make a difference, and ofcourse hopefully a good or traded for good player Homer Bailey.

    I might go to every game this week
  2. my brother lives in downtown cincy and his place is on the parade route. i take a vacation day from work and go down every year. neve been to an opening day game though. he lives above a pub so we just watch the game there and drink pint's all day. good times. hal mccoy said this is the best pitching staff he has seen since the nasty boy's. lets hope.

  3. I hope to make it to a couple games this year, the prices I have heard about scare me a little...but Im sure my son and I will be on cloud 9, Im as excited as everyone else about the young starters and new faces in the pen, I believe with Baker at the helm and ownership supposedly wanting to win now compared to later we have reason to be optimistic about our chances in the central, I read in the Enquirer this morning that they are not expecting the Reds to excercise Griffeys option for 09...that kinda surprised me considering as long as he continues to move up the HR record book he will put fans in the stands.
  4. prices are extremely bad if you order online i can attest to that. they add a huge online fee to any purchase. However like always you can get them day of game normally.

    Im not sure what the future holds in the outfield besides Jay Bruce. Especially since many sites and papers have the reds shopping freel. I would prefer to keep griffey over dunn even if its only to bring fans to the games.
  5. I would buy my tickets in advance at the local Ticketmaster so thats really not much of a worry, I heard the prices inside the stadium were rediculous, unless Patterson turns into something Bruce will be up before the end of the year...or if lord forbid they are out of it by August or so they might bring some of the young guys up.
  6. Its on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i really dont understand how we let a guy like brandon webb get away from our organizaton. He is nasty, not looking good for us today....
  8. Buy your tickets the day of the game if you can and pick them up in Cincy off of ebay. You get some great deals from season ticket holders who don't mind meeting you at the game and are happy to not be eating the tix for that day.

    My wife and I go a lot and usually find a great deal like that.

    I am watching the game now, looks like they found their bats and we might make a game of it.
  9. They must have lost them again shortly after you posted this, sounds like a good way to pick up tickets by the way I might try it out.
  10. good point whitee.

    Me and some friends actually were given tickets by some nice people just because we were about to walk up to the ticket window. Not all people asking "do you need tickets" are scalpers.

    On a side note hopefully the young guns in the rotation play well and we sell out alot of games.

    Volquez struck out something like 13 today in extended spring training. I really hope he starts saturday when im there.
  11. A bit of a dissappointment today, but there were rays of light. They looked semi decent.
    They were up against a top notch pitcher, and if it were not for the defensive foul ups, would of been a much better game.

    I am excited to see how Cueto and Volquez pan out. It would be great to see them step up and have a great season. If we can have them doing what they showed in the spring, we can leave Bailey down in the minors to shape up and Belisle can rehab properly.

    Guess we wait and see. Glad to see some other reds fans on here too.
  12. I was surpised by those 2 shots that Harang gave up in what was it the 3rd, they were both rocket shots, I would like to see them work Freel into the lineup more, he was on fire during the spring.
  13. as you may know freel is still in the minors working on getting more at bats. However i have heard from many sources he is on the trading block and is being actively shopped. With all the outfielders we have it makes since and also makes it easy to get jay bruce in the lineup. However i would be very dissapointed and i dont get it at all. Patterson starting maked me think the "dusty factor" really is in effect. I guess the next few days will show us.
  14. I wasnt aware Freel was in the minors, I thought sure I seen him yesterday during the pregame stuff.
  15. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    Freel is not in the minors, he is on the 25 man roster.
  16. he is in the minors on extended spring training... or just to get action.

    As from John Fay's blog...

    "Edinson Volquez and Josh Fogg are throwing in minor league games today. Ryan Freel and Norris Hopper also stayed back to get some at-bats."
  17. If he is indeed in the minors it doesnt make much sense to me as he was on fire during the spring, unless its just to avoid letting him sit on the bench and lose his stroke.
  18. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    That must be from a few days ago, because I saw Freel at the game and Norris Hopper had an at bat.
  19. Yep, Freel and Hopper where the first two announced at the start.Josh Fogg was there also, he was announced as well.

    Hopper took an at bat, and was hit by a pitch.

    Volquez did pitch extra spring training though, along with Matt Belisle.

    Fay's blog you are reading is from the 29th, on the 31st the only people left down to pitch were Volquez and Belisle
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    I am an Indians fan, but still root for the In-State Red Machine when they're not playing each other. Even though Brandon Phillips didn't work out for the Indians, I hope he has another good season. He will be the reason Shapiro doesn't give up too early on young talent like Ande Marte!!GOOD LUCK!!;)