Reds left fielder?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by lurer, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. who's going to be in left field when opening day arrives? Any deals out there? Any possiblities at all?
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    It's starting to look bleak for picking up a right handed power bat unless they somehow pull out a trade. This entire offseason has centered around a few names and those names have since signed with other teams. Burrel and Baldelli to name a few. In my opinion, someone within the organization....possibly Dickerson or Hairston will end up in left field. Nothing like the front office letting down us reds fans once again.

  3. had a recent article that stated the team might take a run at Bobby Abrue(if his price comes down) and they also mentioned something about some possible interest in Xvair(sp) Nady of the Yanks, the Nady deal would need to be done through a trade though and they mentioned the Yanks wanting pitching help.
  4. There's always Manny, Adam Dunn is out there still too.
  5. Humor is a good trait to have
  6. Actually there are people who wouldnt mind seeing Dunn back with the Reds, I wouldnt mind it if it was at a huge pay cut, it was mentioned to Jockety and he said he doubts that would happen...didnt completely rule it out but it aint likely.
  7. Nothing would suprise me, but Dunn, Mr. K.....I really do not think that he's a direction the Reds should go.
  8. I agree he whiffs alot...but if you were able to put his production back in the lineup at a bargain basement price wouldnt you do it???
  9. tough question, but I would probably say "no" and give Dickerson a shot.
  10. We need a thumper or two in the lineup...trying to turn Bruce, Votto or Phillips into thumpers might hurt there game more than help.
  11. I'd like to see Manny back in Ohio. Maybe the Red's could get him on a 1 yr for $15 million..I don't think he's going to get a 4 yr from anyone and the teams that can afford his asking price of $20+ million have dried up.
  12. Im not sure if the Reds are his kind of environment, they get into a tough stretch and next thing you know he is doing his Red Sox rountine againX2, who knows they might make a move during spring training.
  13. Manny would be probably the worst possible choice...he puts up some pretty good numbers but his character is way to out of line something that needs to stay away from the organization. It was sad seeing Dunn go last year always put up good offensive numbers except for his strike outs and now it leaves a huge hole. I understand wanting to turn the team into a small ball team instead of a home run club but you still need a guy or two to have some power. His defense wasnt great but if we could get him I would think it would be a good move at least for a year or two.
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    I get trying to turn them into a small ball team but doesn't that require players with a better BA and OBP. Votto had our highest BA last year at I believe .289. I understand bringing in Taveras will help with SB, but his BA wasn't much for a leadoff hitter to go the small ball route. Unless the pitching turns out to be phenominal this year I just dont see the Reds doing much. We need some hitters who can actually hit .300+ !
  15. We have some sluggers down in the minors but I think they are far from being ready for the Majors.
  16. I have heard that Juan Francisco can really swat, but he's third base. I wonder if Drew Stubbs is near ready.