Reds fire GM

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  1. Wonder what precipitated this?

    I always thought Krivsky was well liked and did a pretty decent job.

    Who is next?

  2. I think it is all about K-dogs inability to get a pitcher in the offseason as well as deal some players. Some players we know they trie dothers we probably dont. I also think its all about making a connection between Dusty and the GM.

    Personally im very happy that Ca$htellini is making a push to win. With such young talent im tired of lackluster performances and im glad they are making changes and eating contracts.
  3. Hopefully he can build a team here like he did with the Cardinals.
  4. He is the one that brought Dusty to the Reds??? Seemes like a shock value move to spark the season to me.
  5. Could it be that since his contract was up at the end of the year it is easier to hang the bad start to the season on him and not have to resign him come October? The move doesn't make much sense to me. I seen that the move made a big difference in last nights game too. :rolleyes: Hopefully Jockety will be able to get a few things done but since he was a "special advisor" to Castillini you would think if Jockety seen someone out there that would fit the team that Castillini would have put the bug in Krivsky's ear and tried to get the deal done. Looks like it might be another "wait for next year" season. :( I'm getting tired of these. We were supposed to have a contender in the new stadium. So far we've watched every playoff from home not the dugout. :(
  6. I can agree with that...something needed to be done to light a fire under these guys, Im as disappointed as the next guy about the slow start, but its only April and we can turn things around.
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    Krivsky made too many moves that didn't work at all. The few moves that did work out were minor moves at the time like Brandon Phillips. There were just too many Stanton deals, where Krivsky put big money in players that can't cut it anymore. Freel is making how much to sit the bench? 4 million. That is alot to pay for a 5th outfielder.
  8. not all krivisky's fault...its not like he can make them play...thats what pisses me off they cut the managers and everyone else upstairs they want but until they get someone to make em go out everyday and play 100% everyday we will still have to blame it on the managers and the office...blame the players for not going out and giving it their all..cause once again they are the ones playing