Reds choke job

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by redhawk fisherman, May 3, 2005.

  1. Any one seen a worst loss in the ninth inning than the one the Reds had last night? Nothing like giving up 7 runs in one inning! :mad:
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    I dont understand how Don Gullet keeps his job as pitching coach..The reds have had a terrible staff for years, yet Gullet seems untouchable.

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    I agree, He has a great reputation, WHY?
    That makes me loose almost all desire to watc the Reds. Did you hear Graves complaining about the boos? What a joke, what did he expect to get a standing ovatation. You know, it's really hard, actually hard to give up that many runs, espically w/ 2 outs.
  4. oohhhh but ya know gullet is just so smart and and knows everything, and he so experienced. lol Hes a joke.
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    What worries me is the lack of pitching prospects that have been developed under him. I knwo he isnt responsible for the minors, but youd think he has something to so w/ the coices right? Or am I blammign him for too much?

    Remember Ty Howington...... The "Little Unit" The next Randy Johnson, heck I'd settle for the next Ron Robinson!
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    I have always heard that gullet tells his pitchers to not pitch inside????
  7. I am really disappointed that Weathers has not been released yet.

    Graves should be relegated to the setup job for the remainder of his contract (I believe this is his last year). Time for the kid Wagner to get his look as a closer. Wagner has the stuff and seems to be developing the mindset needed.

    Overall this team has huge holes:

    1. Our starting pitching is mediocre at best. I think Harang has some potential. Wilson is scary because he can be brilliant for 4 innings then give up 4 runs before you can get a reliever warmed up in the 5th. The others are average 3rd or fourth starters on average teams. We have managed to load up the minors in a short period of time however so this may be looking up.

    2. The batters strike out as if they get paid for each strike taken.

    3. We can't play National League baseball. We have no one on this team with the exception of maybe Joe Randa or maybe Sean Casey who I would feel comfortable with as a hitter in a hit and run situation. Ryan Freel is our only stolen base threat. No one on the team can bunt....even the pitchers.

    4. We dealt a lot of middle relief during the firesale and have not recovered. How much would you like to see this team with Reitsma, Heredia and sullivan.

    5. Stopgaps at position players. How did we deal Juan Castro without another realistic replacement for Barry Larkin? I like Joe Randa but he is obviously a placeholder for Edwin Encarnacion. Jimenez is the second best 2B on the team, Freel should be starting. Casey's lack of power was able to be overlooked when he hit .300 with a double a game but his struggles at the plate highight problems with a non-typical 1B.

    6. Jason LaRue is a god awful backstop. He has a cannon for an arm but somehow made it to the majors without someone teaching him how to block a pitch.

    The Reds this year are going to be a streaky team I think. They'll soon hit a stride and win 15 out of 20 then lose 20 out of 25 etc.. all year long. Frustrating as heck, 75-87 and 22 games out of first is my prediction.
  8. Graves sucks plain and simple. I never thought he would be any good. Wagner seems like the man to be closing games to me.
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    I've been saying that for years. They've changed every other coaching position but his. I don't think Gullet even hit more than 5 batters in his pitching carreer. What do opposing batters have to fear when they know they aren't gonna be pushed back off the plate or beaned in retaliation. Gullet needs out of there. Hitters are improving, yes they started slow but what good does a lead do when your pitching gives it up.

  10. Too bad they can't unload griffey,I know someone who works for Reds,Said it was bad deal from get go.