Redemption on the GMR!

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    GMRcatman I'm Back!

    After weeks of little luck and few smaller flatties, I had a great morning on the GMR. I decided to hit a spot with easy access since I am having trouble walking right now. I usually don't fish this area since it is not typical flathead territory, but boy am I glad I did. I fished a flooded area just off the main current with not so much as a bite for over an hour. I was fishing live bait, so I thought maybe I should try poking a couple holes in my bait and let them slowly bleed out. Less than 2 minutes after doing this to my first bait I had on my first flathead. He came in at 22 pounds. Before I could rebait my other rod starting running, this one came in at 23 pounds. He went into the current and put up a great fight. Ten minutes later I had another one on, hell of a fight, 26.4 pounds. Finally I got a 25 pounder to end the morning. All came from 2.5-5ft of water. Also, they all came between 5 and 6 o'clock in the am. Needless to say I didn't feel any of my back pain for about an hour! Hope some of this info helps the shore bound guys like me.
  2. Great day man! I'm heading to Stonelick in the P.M. tomorrow hoping for the same

  3. hi GMRcatman i am from Middletown also where in Middletown do you live? i most likely know you, my name is Mike Whitt
  4. I have been using a pattern like that for years now, with much the same success. Usually, most of my hits have come on large chubs fished in heavier current and shallow water.

    My thought is that as the water begins to warm, the fish move into shallower, faster moving water in order to facilitate oxygen exchange between the water and their blood. In case you didn't know, warm water holds less dissolved oxygen than cold water does.

    However, this is just a theory that I developed in biology class a number of years ago. Congratulations on the great day of fishing.
  5. congrats on the nice fish