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  1. we're thinking about taking our vac to florida in feb. We found a nice state park where we can rent a boat and fish for red fish. Has anyone fished for them before? what can you tell me about them as far as best places or best ways to catch them, bait to use, etc?

    I think this will be an awesome experience for our 7 and 9 year old daughters.

    We plan to tell them about our trip to kissimmee and various other cities in florida on xmas day.

    we plan to visit give kids the world, do some fishing, camping, etc. I'd like to let them swim in the ocean. I think we're going towards Ormond and daytona beach area (to fish and camp) anyone know where good swimming area is there?

    I've only been to kissimmee. cocoa and melbourne beach. (spelling?)

    If you have other suggestions let me know.
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    Contact captnate on this site he is a redfish guide in the cape canaveral area (I think ??) but would be very good contact and I am sure would be happy to offer suggestions. I have emailed back and forth with him in the past as I was hoping to book a trip with him but was not able to make it work, He was very helpful and has vast knowledge of the fishing. S

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    splitshot 18" above a treble with a live shrimp hooked thru the head dont hit the black spot (brain) you'll kill it. cast above (upstream) them if sighted in flats so they look like they are swimming down with the current. Reds, Sea trout and snook are all subsptible this way. There are some artificials that also work. They are spooky, if you sight see them in the flats feeding, their tails will be out of the water. Slide REAL gently in close enough to cast.
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    Will you consider the west coast? Fort DeSoto S.P. south of St. Petersburg is an excellent facility. Camping, beautiful beaches, pier and wading fishing. Not a bad drive to Tampa and Busch Gardens, Sarasota/ Bradenton area. The Sunshine Skyway bridge is worth the toll just for the experience.

    Geez ....... maybe the chamber of commerce would like for me to write for them. :D
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    chamber huh? lol...If its redfish ya want, louisiana is where to go! But you know what? The fish come and go down there, you said feb., look at and they show the monthly migrations of different species and whats best where. My friend charters out of tampa, if you go that way, I can hook ya up. Also he told me last week that he has never seen as many sharks in his life as right now. They are reeling in just heads from lg grouper. he said there not big sharks just 2-3' but millions of them in the gulf right now.
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    Woody, I just got back from Daytona a week ago. I hadn't been there in over 30 years and frankly I'm not impressed, and we were even on the south end of the island near the inlet. Daytona strikes me as more of a party town then anything else, and it's really not even that commercial. There's not a lot to do outside of the beach and eating, so if you are taking kids just be aware of that.

    I was able to spend a night in St. Augustine...I hadn't been there but that is a place I will return to. Beautiful old city, with lots to see and do.

    I do second Fish2day's recommendation of the gulf coast. Clearwater area is fantastic for a family vacation. You have the beach, and you have lots of attractions and sights to see within an hour's drive. From Tarpon Springs to St.Pete/Tampa, down to Sarasota (I lived in Sarasota for many years as a kid), there's just a lot to do.

    As far as Redfish, the Indian River on the east coast affords the best redfishing in FL in my opinion. You can catch them all around the state, but the Indian River has a great concentration of fish. The harbor in Punta Gorda on the west coast is also excellent. I'm curious why you'd target them though. It's all going to come down to when you go and where you decide to stay. If I was going to target a species, I'd probably go after snook or tarpon inland. Again, the time of year you go will determine what you should fish for, just know that you can catch something year-round down there.

    If you are sight-fishing for reds, artificals work well. They are going to be nose-down, tails up, so you want something that will bounce off the bottom that they'll see. Schooling fish will hit nearly anything. I've caught them on shrimp (dead or alive), jigs, lures, spoons, squid, you name it.

    Once you get a time of year nailed down, feel free to PM me and I'll offer my suggestions. October was a great time to go down - crowds were non-existant. We went to Universal Studios in Orlando and never waited more than 5 minutes in any line!

    Great site based in the Tampa/Sarasota/Clearwater/St Pete area. Lots of great info on techniques and what to look for when searching for fish. This time of year look for mangrove shorelines with signs of life like skipping mullet, etc.

    Learn to throw a castnet...Tampa Bay and the surrounding region is LOADED with baitfish this time of year. With one throw of the net in the right area you can net yourself enough bait to fish with and "live chum" all day long.
  8. Just noticed that you not going til February. That time of year your best bet will be down in Everglades National Park. You can probably rent a boat in or near Chokoloskee or Everglades City and fish the 10,000 islands area....just make sure you have a good GPS and know how to use can get lost in the endless system of canals in a heartbeat. You could also fish as far south a Flamingo. These are remote areas without much infrastructure...theres very little to do besides fish so it might not be the best place for the kids.

    I would think that the temps in the Tampa area would be a little chilly in Feb.
    I haven't done much redfishing that time of year because we usually concentrate on sailfish from WPB to FLL from Jan thru March.
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    My place is in Stuart, my main fishing grounds are from sebastian to west palm and the bahamas. Capt Roger is right about the indian river. If you like to eat lobster, it will be well worth the lil drive out of the way to go to the Boston Lobster Fest. It's in orlando right off route 4 on airline parkway. Right in front of Florida mall. All you can eat buffet 29.95...24.95 if you get there before 6. I can send you more info if ya want.
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    I've been at the boston lobster fest. I think it's a bit overrated. I was disappointed in the quality of the food. It's no better than a Vegas seafood buffet, though you can gorge yourself with all the split lobster you want.

    FishBones in Orlando is much much much better, though more $$$ too.
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    I just gorge with lobster, the rest of it you can get anywhere. There is 3 of them in town but the only good one is the one by the fla mall.
  12. Now would be a great time to call or write your Congressman,Senator, even the local mayor and convince them to go swimming in the Gulf.
    :D :D
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    They passed a law so you cant kill them anymore, so....
  14. wow, lots of great info guys, TY! I'll run all the advice past woody. The main reason for our trip to FL is to visit give kids the world and possibly universal studios. My 7 yr old had her wish trip there when she was 4 yrs old. I always promised to take her again. So, being the fisherman my husband is he wanted to add some fishing time into our trip.

    Now, he wants to go out on a boat and I am ok with it but I don't think I like the idea of a charter or someone else taking me out. What if i got sea sick or something. I have been told they will not for any reason return you to shore until your 4 hr or 8 hr or how ever long your tip is..they won't return to shore till it's over. I am a control freak and I can't handle someone else controlling the boat LOL! Unless it is hubby or someone who would return if I needed to. Plus I dopn't know how well the kids would do on the boat.

    what's your thoughts? am I pretty much stuck out on the water till the trip is done?

    I am not opposed to going somewhere else to fish/boat. I don't know my way around so I'll run the ideas past hubby.

    fish2day, that Fort DeSoto S.P. south of St. Petersburg is an excellent facility. Camping, beautiful beaches, pier and wading fishing. Not a bad drive to Tampa and Busch Gardens, Sarasota/ Bradenton area. The Sunshine Skyway bridge is worth the toll just for the experience....sounds like a great place to go. we do want to swim as well as fish. NOT a fan of bridges at all. I'll look it up on line see if they have any pics of it. Nothing worse than a bridge other than those scary tunnels in VA, yikes!

    ok so I'll post again once hubby gets to read the posts.

    Thanks again.
  15. sorry to double post but have more questions...

    what do you know or think about Redington Beach Long-Pier?
    found this great article on it.

    and what do you think about Hillsborough River State Park? sounds like they have place to swim, camp, etc. and it's only 1 hour from redington beach long pier.

    anyone fished form that pier?
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    Redington is a pretty serious pier and will require heavy gear. I personally don't much care for pier fishing when I can wade in the shallows and use a medium/light rod with 8# test and land a 10 # Snook, or a mess of Speckled trout, Redfish .... did I mention Snook? Flounder, Snook. For us northerners the water temp isn't bad there in February. After I had lived there for 3 years it might as well have been Ohio in Feb. but the first 2 years it was OK.
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    Thanks for that link. Brings back some most excellent memories. I fished at several of those locations ; #'s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14. That guy hit it right on the money on the places I used to fish. :D
  18. sounds like you have a lot of personal experience and your advice is greatly appreciated. Therefore, I am going to go with your advice and ask for more. I sometimes think my husband thinks us (me and my 7 and 9 yr old girls) can fish like he use to and does and well we're just not as strong as he is. so with that said out of the 10 places listed which one do you recommend for me and my girls. we need shore or peir fishing that's not tretuous but fun. and a place that does not require a private boat or a boat at all to get to. some of those camp grounds require a ferry or private boat.


    woody says my girls can handle the serious fishing, lol. he has all the equipment we need.