Red eye vs Black eye

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    Me and my dad along with a couple of his bass buddies had a good debate the other day while enjoying some coffee before heading out on the lake.

    Red eyes vs Black eyes for Bass

    Were tied.

    My dad and his buddy will not use a lure with red eyes because they believe this has an effect on the fish and have had little luck using them. {Of course this was only tested in 3 to 4 lakes}
    His other friends state it makes no differance.
    I however have had low turnout with red eyed lures but dont see no real statistics to prove this " fortune cookie theory"
    Any one else have any thoughts ?
  2. Got alot of Smallies on white wiggle warts with red eyes! Not many large mouth but I dont fish shallow waters to much.

  3. Sumthin for ya'll to think is the first color in the spectrum to disappear underwater. Usually happens at about 3ft in clear conditions.

    Now if those red eyes are on a crankbait will they turn black past three feet or will that crank just look like it has no eyes?!!!;)
  4. so the idea behind red fishing line is that it disappears under water. why then the bleeding hooks?
  5. They catch fisherman :) I know a couple guys that swear by them, I haven't really noticed a difference.
  6. Ive just read that red does disappear underwater, hence the new red fishing lines.

    With that said, Im starting to think that all the red gimmick is a joke. Bleeding this and bleeding that. If it aint shallow, there's no point.

    Seems like deep diving red lures are basically a shot in the dark.
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    One other thing to consider is that many of the baits featuring eyes are "reaction" baits. The fish has little time to ponder the eye-coloration before striking.

    I also agree with the assertion that, on deep-water lures, the red will not be apparent, anyway, as it is filtered out, due to its low energy.

    In many instances, action supersedes color patterns and features. If the fish are willing to overlook dangling hooks, split-rings, line, blades, and other characteristics of a bait, it seems unlikely that red eyes would bother them.

    Now, this isn't to say that there couldn't be situations where the eyes might not play some minor role in triggering fish, or dissuading them from biting. Certainly, when fish are pressured, or in a negative pattern, finesse plays a big role, and coloration can be important.

    Whatever the case, I can say that I haven't seen this phenomenon, and there isn't any reasonable statistical data that I know of to support the theory, but that doesn't preclude it from being possible. In general, though, it seems that it would be of minimal concern, as most circumstances don't really seem to favor the notion.

    But, if it is something that bothers you, then perhaps it is worth avoiding. One of the keys to success is confidence in what you are throwing.
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    A good example of this is underwater video or photography. Have you ever noticed how pale, and bluish people and objects look underwater? People's faces, and lips, in particular, start to appear purple in only a few feet of relatively clear water.

    Of course, those red lines do not really disappear, as they suggest, but merely get darker, and grayer, until the appear black. At that point, you might as well use just use black line to begin with (which I actually do, in many cases).
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    There are alot of deep diving lures with red or a slight variation on the belly, around what would be the gills, etc... I've heard and read that the color red disappears in say, the first 3 ft of water. Guess I'll have to don a snorkel and mask and see for myself........
  10. Uhhh one thing you are forgeting , as far as the red line we are talking transluscent red. Lures , hooks and other solid red objects do not disappear but do change hues under water.

    Fishermen as a group tend to overanalyze their results or over simplify. Getting into the color of your lure's eyes or other minute data tend to really complicate things. When I operated a bait shop one fisherman would say " I never caught bass on anything but roostertails. " What he said was true because that was all he ever used. If he was going to catch anything it would be on a roostertail.

    When I was a kid in the 60's Greene Township at the route 87 bridge was famous for an early april crappie bonanza. For about a 2 week period you could catch all the crappie you wanted to carry. They would hit anything that hit the water especially if it was white. I smoked Salem cigarettes at the time and we used the white filters for bait. Believe it or not they hit it just as fast as a live minnow.

    If fish were that observant and intelligent I doubt we would ever catch one.
  11. are you saying you've let fish bite your butt before? :eek:
  12. Interesting thread.

    I build baits and about 95% lures are built with red eyes for musky. I seem to get more hits with the red eyes than any other color and I did build many baits with different colors such as white and chartruese.

    Does it make any difference? Is it a solid conclusion? Who knows?

    About 10 days ago, I had a 6 inch musky-class minnow bait to test in the pond across the street.

    I wanted to test which lip performed the best before I glued the lip to the bait.

    The bait was not finished and had no eyes at all and the first lip I put on made the bait behave so erratically that I could hardly pull it through the water. But... that didn't stop a bass which probably weighed in at a whopping 1 1/2 pounds or so from clobbering the bait. The bait was nearly half the length of the fish!:D

    Water clarity and light conditions along with the species and time of year are probably factors also. We'll probably never really figure it out; we just go with a gut feeling and hope for the best.
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    I've heard the argument before about the color of the lure's eyes and don't really have any idea if it makes a difference. I suppose it could be proven both ways - but in my situation I'm much more concerned with the overall color of the lure in conjunction with its action to provoke a bite with bass.

    On Saturday at Mogadore I caught bass with some lures that had black eyes and some that had red. I'm sure confidence has a lot to do with success. Here's one caught on Saturday on a Red Eye Shad...;)


  14. Heres my theory ( actually it is Buck Perry's theory ) any bait or lure if presented at the right speed and right depth will catch fish. Before some you young ones ask Buck Perry was the originator of the structure fishing and migration routes of game fish.

    Color is important but not not nearly as depth and speed. If any of you have ever seen the crankbait that looks like a budweiser beer can. I witnessed it catching a fish or two. I was not using it but a guy with me was. There is nothing in nature that even comes close to resembling a beer can. Yet he caught fish on it.

    If ever any of you want to read an excellent book on fishing I suggest you give Buck Perry"s " Spoonplugging " a study. It does not have all the answers to fishing but it helps the reader understand a lot of what and why mysteries that are linked with this sport.
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    Well it holds the debate.

    It also proves that fisherpeople are more than just goons {pardon the term , no slandering intendid, im not reffering to "us" as goons just how were looked at} that know how to throw out a line { I see so many of us getting judged, heck we do it to ourselves in here}.. It does show to me there is a HUGE science involved. I hear SO MANY people say, put a damn worm on the hook and drop it, how hard is that...... Yet they have NO IDEA there is skill required in all this.
    I guess im still tied but everyone has a great reply for me to think about.... thanks all... I guess its just my generation vs my dads generation and beliefs...stubborn as they may be

    oh and erter..nice fish.
  16. black red or no eyes makes no difference, the fish react to the movement, action, anything that sparks the feeding trigger. they dont see a bait and go "oh thats a shad i'll eat it, look its real it has eyes" they see something that looks like food. immitate food and you will catch fish, its a rare situation where the fish are actually tuned into one food item, and then its usually trout, not bass