Red dot scopes?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Stampede, Nov 24, 2008.

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    My crossbow has a red dot on it.if you've ever looked at the scope from the front,you can clearly see the red of the lense.Do you think the deer can see this or see something noticible?It seemes i've been busted a couple of times this year when i shouldn't have,not by smell but by sight.It's like the instant the deer looked in my general direction it would instantly lock in on my spot.Acted like something caught it's eye if you know what i mean and i had not moved and was hidden good in a proven spot.Only time i've had trouble being spoted at this spot and trying to figure out why.
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    have you ever looked at the lens from the front but from a distance? you'll probably wont see a thing

  3. If a deer gets close enough to me to see my red dot he is in big trouble:p
  4. Lose the red dot scope - throw it away. IMO, they should not be on the market. Looks neat in the store, performs like crap on the range and in the field for most shooters. I guess there could be a good one, and a few lucky shooters, but not a safe bet. In general, these devices suck.
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    why do you say that? have you ever tried a quality red-dot? (eotech, aimpoint, zeiss, trijicon, truglo)

    there is no parallax, near 100% light transmission due to lack of magnification, no focus, no eye adjustment, very fast at aquiring a target and quite sturdy.

    please give me your reason as to why they perform like crap on the range and in the field.
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    i have HAD a red dot on my crossbow and shotgun. i now have a scope on my shotgun and a single pin sighted at 23/25 yards on my crossbow. i have had both aimpoint and a tasco. i didnt like either of them, could be because i kept forgetting to turn them pratice with the single pin enough and you will learn where to hold at different ranges. the vitals on a deer are a pretty big target to put an arrow into for a kill shot. shot placement does not have to be exactly on the heart, hits to other vitals will kill the deer.
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  7. I have to agree totally with littleking. I have an ULTRADOT on my Horton Crossbow and also one on my Contender 44 Mag pistol. At 62, the ULTRADOT has made it possible for me to shoot with confidence. Many competitive pistol shooters have used them for years. If you spend the extra $$ and buy QUALITY, you will not be sorry. I have a Burris low power variable on my Contender Muzzleloader, this may be the last year for it. Yes ,another ULTRADOT.
  8. i have a bushnell red dot on my crossbow and ive never had a problem with it. i have it sighted in at 25 yards and i know how much to compensate with it all the way to 50 yards. others in my family have the same thing and they have never had a problem either.
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    I don't hunt but I have a tru glo red dot on my ruger 10/22 rifle. it works great! I can bang out targets all day with it with my 25 round hot lips clip and it never loses zero even when we take a long walk through the woods with it. just got to get used to the paralax and keep the red dot centered. I have hit a bic lighter at 25 yards with it no problem but maybe it was just a lucky shot? lol. never noticed the red dot from the opposite end tho cause it has a red tint to the front lens. only cost me 30 bux.
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    I still haven't looked at mine from a distance.My original factory scope,horton, went bad one day,while hunting,replaced it with a horton,don't like the new one as well and am thinking of going back to pins next year.Sucked loosing one of few days because of scope failure.I always carry an extra batt.I'm thinking the orignal thing was not the red but a reflection from the glass lens maybe.I guess all the years of bow hunting got me hooked on pins.Scopes are nice but i'm still old fashioned i guess.