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Record Numbers This Season

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Big Daddy, Feb 2, 2005.



    COLUMBUS, OH - Ohio hunters have set a new record, taking 217,301 deer during the 2004-2005 hunting season. Additional records were set during the muzzleloader, archery and youth hunting seasons, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

    Counties reporting the highest number of deer checked during the year were: Tuscarawas - 8,293; Coshocton - 7,055; Licking - 6,610; Washington - 6,110; Guernsey - 6, 028; Harrison - 6, 021; Holmes - 5,930; Athens - 5,915; Muskingum - 5,779; and Jefferson - 5,481.

    “Ohio’s deer herd is very important to our state,” said Steven A. Gray, chief of the Division of Wildlife. “Deer are enjoyed by many Ohioans who hunt deer or simply enjoy seeing these magnificent animals.”

    From opening day of the deer-archery season in October, Ohio hunters were on a record- setting pace. Young hunters set a new mark in the second year of the state’s two-day youth deer-gun season with 6,673 deer killed.

    During the four-day statewide muzzleloader season, hunters took a record 27,749 deer. Hunters also exceeded the record for deer taken during the archery season (October 2 to January 31) with 57,198. A total of 125,681 deer was killed during the popular one-week deer gun season.

    A record trophy buck was recognized with Warren County bow hunter Brad Jerman shooting a buck that scored 201 1/8 in the typical (symmetrical antlers) category of the Buckeye Big Bucks Club. Jerman’s deer tied the score of a buck taken in 1986 in Clark County by William Kontras.

    Deer hunting contributes an estimated $266 million to Ohio's economy each year and helps to support thousands of jobs. Venison is delicious and nutritious meat, low in fat and cholesterol. It is the number one wild game served by hunters in Ohio. Deer hunters also contribute thousands of pounds of venison to organizations that help feed less-fortunate Ohio residents through special programs.
  2. It looks like Mr. Kontras will get to keep his name in the record book after all. I think originally the Warren County buck was measured at just over the current record. Congratulations to Mr. Jerman and to all who had a successful deer hunting season.

  3. AWESOME...
    I took one new youth hunter out and even though he missed a trophy buck he stood tall and harvested a very fine doe...
  4. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    I think ohio way over estimates the deer herd.I predict the deer kill will be way down this coming hunting season due to the amount of deer killed. I dont mean to sound like a peta member but I really wish they would lower the deer bag limits and bag limits on every animal as far as that gos. I think ohios mad drivers manage the animal population enough. Sorry if this offends you but thats my honest opionin and im sticking to it!
  5. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I don't think that ohio over estimates the herd at all. I personally think that they underestimate it b/c they use hunting and reported car crashes as one of the main factors of determining how big the herd is. They take no account for the deer that aer paoched during the summer months by spotlighters. Those kids who don't have anything better to do back in the boonies. Also how many hunters kill deer and either not find it or walk up to it and then decide it is too far to drag out. And there are many more crashes than reported. The deer herd has to remain at a little over half the population to remain at the same level. I don't mind the regulations, b/c they did the three deer thing a couple years ago and the deer herd did just fine! Although like most hunters I would like to see more deer while hunting also!

    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    I personally felt it was like hunting rabbits this year. The does were everywhere I hunted in Ohio. I didn't see many bucks but a ton of does.
  7. I think it all depends on where you live and where you hunt deer. Where I live there are WAY too many deer but it is in an urban area with parks everywhere then where I hunt is in the deer rich SE corner of the state. I see alot of deer with the most being last Nov when while driving around for the reason of seeing and counting deer my kids and I counted 78 in a 2 hr drive...
    Also ask someone who did not harvest a deer ( may have seen 15 or more ) and he may say the deer population is down then ask someone who did harvest a deer ( only saw 2 all day) and he may say there are plenty of deer around...
    Its all a matter of opinion and even though the state takes a guess it is an educated one at that ;)
  8. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    When i said that I think Ohio over estimates the deer herd I meant exactly what you are talking about. They base the deer killed every year by the amount of deer that are CHECKED in. They do not take in consideration of all the deer that are hits by cars, not checked in, not found, poached, ect.

    There have been about 30 deer hit on the road this last month within a few miles of my house. However you can go out in the woods anywhere and not see ANY deer tracks at all. This might seem unbeleiveable to you guys but I would be willing to bet 50% of the deer around here are hit by vehicles let alone all the deer killed by hunting and other reasons. Dont say its not so either because I live right on the corner of highland/clinton county and I can perspnally say for a fact the deer population is way low. Im not saying that the deer population is not overpopulated where you all hunt at but where I hunt at it is very low. If the only reason I hunted was to manage the deer population I would quit hunting. Sorry for venting but I had to get that out.:eek:

    ps. I know a guy that shot 9 bucks last year in the same season and got away with it and trust me this happens all over, and I did turn him in.
  9. AMEN brother...
    Too many hunters feel the peer pressure to harvest a deer and don't really hunt to enjoy the hunt or being outdoors anymore...

    I hope he got his... Do you know if he was fined or received a summons of some kind?
  10. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    No he did not get fined yet. I dont even think they investigated it yet. I even gave them his exact address. He hunts around the Bainebridge(sp) area in ross county. It seems like they dont have time to investigate all the calls they get. I do hope they catch this skum along with all the other skum poachers out there. They belong behind bars!:mad:
  11. No, you can't say that for a fact. It amuses me that people think that they know more about managing deer than biologists. You say more than 30 deer got hit by your house, but the population is LOW? I assume since you say you can't find any tracks, it means in the late season with snow on the ground. That doesn't mean the deer aren't around, but deer change their movements late in the season. They will key in on very specific food sources, and that food apparently isn't where you are. My bean field is empty of deer each evening, but at 2:00 in the afternoon, there will be over 30 in the winter wheat field across the road. If I was looking only on my place, it would look like there's no deer around, but I know better than that. Take some time to learn the habits of the deer, and you'll find them. There is NOT a shortage.
  12. I don't blame you for turning him in...regardless of the deer situation in your area. That is a blatant disrespect for the law and should be punished.

    I used to subscribe to the same beliefs that Traphunter has on the effect on the deer herd. When they first started allowing two deer in our area I thought, "Oh no, here goes the population!" Then they went up to three and I figured that would all but eliminate quality hunting. But the truth of the matter in my area is that despite these increases in bag limits the deer herd seems to be thriving as good as ever. I am sure like Clyde said it largely depends on the area that you live in. Some areas get hunted harder and some can not due to access limitations. It is not an exact science and we will never see the ODNR satisfy everyone in all areas. But I think that if they were overlooking key factors in counting deer herd resulting in an overestimation, then eventually we would start seeing a downfall in the numbers that they can put their hands on and that is the deer killed in season. The fact is though that these numbers continue to stay pretty high.

    Let me restate that I am not questioning that Traphunter is seeing less deer in his area. Perhaps there are specials factors directly related to this (poaching, high hunter/deer ratio,etc.). But when you mention 30 deer killed on the roads in the last month, that suggests to me that in some areas down there the deer density must be pretty high. I have to go a LONG time before I can count 30 road kills around here and as I said we have a very healthy deer population.
  13. When I was in college majoring in wildlife biology, several of the grad students helped the state do population estimates in the spring. They would check roads for tracks crossing the roads. A formula was used to come up with a rough estimate of deer density. By design, the estimate was always on the conservative side. I think Ohio has done a tremendous job in managing our deer herd, especially when you compare ourselves to surrounding states. We consistently produce bucks on par or better than anywhere on the continent and we do it with dense human development and populations.

    That does not mean that every corner of the state is crawling with deer, but overall we have a tremendous population. The state recognized this by the different zones.
    I'm glad to hear you turned the crook in....
  14. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    M. Magis, how many times have you hunted in the area I mentioned? I would guess none. It amuses me that people can act like they know all about an area they have probably not hunted before.:rolleyes: And when did I ever say I know more about managing deer then the biologists do?:confused: Maybe if you come down here and hunt your self you might change your mind.

    Buddy I do know the habits of deer. Dont get me wrong im not an expert, but I know alot about deer and deer habits, probably just as much as you do. That offends me you would act like I dont know what im talking about. Thats the way I took it at least. I do my homework just like everyone else does and it paid off for me big time last november with my biggest buck ever so far. And I truely belieive you when you say there is not a shortage of deer in your area. I would also be willing to say you hunt in eastern ohio. But i can tell you now there there IS a shortage of deer in my area.

    Im done!:D
  15. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I tell you whta I'd like to see.... Ohio putting a min point on the Buck kills. I think most states that have this its like 8 points or something. I think we have a ton of doe, but I didnt see as mnay bucks this year as usual.
  16. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    I know what you mean when you say with 30 der hit within a few miles that makes it seems like the deer population would be high. For some reason it seems like the deer are attracted to the roads around here. Maybe they have been licking salt off them? Anyhow it seems like the only deer I see around here are ones that are dead.
  17. Lets not jump on each other here [​IMG] and try to remember sometimes what we type is not exactly what we are trying to say or that we're saying something with as few words as we can simply because we can't type or spell with the best of them... I know we may stoke some numbers to move a point towards our way of thinking but we're really all after the same ending just taking a diff route to get there...
    I will wear out my two fingers on this one topic alone let alone kill a few brain cells too...
    I am sorry if I have led anyone to think I am not taking what they have said here to heart [​IMG]...
    Deer hunting and harvest is a topic that creates strong feelings and for obvious reasons we all love a great deer herd and we love to harvest trophy deer whether a huge mountable buck or a doe for the freezer...

    I like this comment which is one we all missed
    That really sums up what the state has done to make it as possible as it can to have the best hunting in each zone as there is humanly possible with the resources available...
    I know to have Sunday hunting the state had to promise the farmers bureau that they would increase deer harvest and also turn up the heat on tresspassing which are two of the most important issues facing farmers besides their obvious workload... Deer harvest will never satisfy everyone but if there is a common ground where the numbers come close then their doing something right... At least in the areas I frequent...
  18. H2O Mellon,
    I don't believe I saw as many bucks as usual this year either at least on my place. And all of the bucks were medium to small. Most years i have at least one or two dandies around. I am hoping it is just back luck for me and that it will change this upcoming year.;)

    I would not be opposed to a more strict limitation on the bucks taken. But I guess I don't know enough about how the other states do this to base my opinion. I mean if it is an 8 point limit or whatever, what do they do when people miscount or misjudge? Because we all know it is going to happen expecially during gun season. I know a lot of guys will shoot one if they feel it is anything more than a forkhorn or basket. That takes in an awful lot of scenarios.
  19. Hey Clyde! Don't count me in here.
    I did not miss that.;):D
    Here was what I wrote and it follows your view pretty closely.
  20. What in the world makes you think that? Do you know how they go about estimating herd numbers? Obviously not. I'm mearly trying to help you understand that as you learn more about deer habits, you'll realize the deer aren't always where you think they should be. I'm not saying know know nothing about deer, and I don't think I ever implied that (that wasn't my intention), but with more experience you'll realize there's a lot more to learn. It seems your taking things personally and are unwilling to open your mind to the fact that you may misunderstand some things, so I'll let you believe what you will. As you get older, hopefully you'll come to see that's there's always something to learn and to not be so defensive when someone suggests a different way of thinking. Trust me, your too young to be so angry. ;)