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Recoil Springs

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by fishintiger, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Ok as you all know I have been having many problems with my motor recently. Well I had purchased another motor that "ran" a couple months ago well let's just say it isn't running. I broke the pull cord a couple weeks ago and I decided I would take the pull cord out of the other motor and put it on my "new" motor. I had the "bright" idea of just taking the pin out of the thing that holds the cord and just pulling the cord out. Well that didn't work so go so I had to take the whole assembly apart. When I did that the spring came out and is now expanded. How can I go about putting it back on? Thanks for the help. BTW I did get the pull cord on the other motor so maybe it will actually work. I'll try it out on Friday morning on Hoover. Thanks everyone.
  2. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    I've done them on outboards, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. I've probably down a hundred or more. The trick is to secure the one end in the housing and then slowly wind the spring back on the spool. It's hard to explain but you can just wind the spring around the spool until you get it tight. Once you get the spring re-attached, then you attach the pull rope. Leave the rope off while you are winding the spring so it doesn't get in the way. Once you have the spring wound back in, wind it some more so you have tension to retract the rope. Once you get it tensioned, clamp it with a pair of Vise Grips to hold it. Then route the rope through the housing and into the spool. Make sure you tie a good know in the end of the rope to hold it in the spool. Then let the spool wind the rope back up by releasing the Vise Grips. IF you wind up with too much rope still sticking out, manually wind the spool back up to get tension and then wind it a turn or two more, then reattach the rope again.

    They stink to work on but usually they are pretty trouble free. Just be very careful that you don't get your fingertips chewed up- those things unwind with some force.


  3. I have never had to put a cord back in many outboards so I am not going to speak and mislead you on that one. The other thing I was going to mention is that you may want to either invest in a set of muffs for running the motor at home with the hose hooked up. Or you can do like I do. I have a 55 gallon barrel that I can fill with water and set the motor in to test run it. You can not run the motor the same as putting it in the lake but at least you don't have to spend time at the lake just getting it to start.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I'll give the tips a try UFM82.

    bkr I don't know that I would be allowed to do that at my apartment. I am going to ask the people in the leasing office. If not I'll just put it in the lake at the apartment. :D I don't mind going up to the lake and trying it out because when it doesn't work I just have to fish until I'm not mad about it anymore. So it works out. I do wish it would work though. It would make things more enjoyable.
  5. I don't imagine that you will be able to do anything with it at your apartment. I guess I assumed that the boat was stored in a location that would make that possible.

    Hopefully it will all go well for you and you can get out there and race Rick around the lake a bit.:D
  6. I don't know that I'll be racing him. Maybe following well behind him. He's got a little bit more under his hood than I have. I've only got a 3.6. :eek: I'll just have him tow me around.