Rebel Craws

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  1. I notice A lot of you folks use Rebel Craws in both The Great and Little Miami Rivers. I was just wondering what size and what colors of Rebel Craws do you use?
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    there's really only 2 sizes....the wee craw (dink magnet) and the Rebel craw (bigger size dink magnet). They make a deep diver too but the rebel craw is the size you are looking for.

  3. I have only fished the GMR, and any color I have put on, I have caught smallies on (have 6 different colors & both sizes).

    I haven't figuered out the colors yet. one day I will catch some on a brown one the next day it doesn't work but I catch some on a different color. brown, grey, & gold seem to be working better the last couple of weeks.
  4. I've been wondering if one of the "Rebel big craws" would work at a slower retrieve with a jerky, bottom-bouncing motion for the bigger fish. The brown back/ orange belly seems to be most popular.
  5. I use the rebel craw mostly during summer time, the early spring and late fall I'll throw live bait, spring and fall I typically throw a zulu. With that being said, the color of craw I throw usually depends on the water clarity or color. When the water is clear, I throw green, gray, orange. When the water is really stained I throw the chartreuse and brown, and the rest of the time I throw brown,gray,orange.
  6. Make sure you use a new Rebel Craw.I lost a very large smallmouth using a Rebel Craw when the plastic lip pulled free from the body.I felt bad for the fish.They are good baits for all Bass though.
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    Question about the Rebel Craw. How do you fish them? Is it a steady slow retrieve, or a pause, quick reel, pause? I've had trouble catching anything on them. But as far as action goes, that lure can really wiggle.
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    i usually real pretty quick. not fast but with a little bit of speed
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    I had the same thing happen Roscoe. It was a dandy smallie too. I was fighting it and all of a sudden I thought my line broke, and I reeled in only to find the clear lip tied to my line, but no lure. :mad:

    On another note, I catch saugeye, drum , and all types or panfish on rebel craws in the creeks and rivers.

    This gives it a more reallistic and lifelike behaviore. When retrieving, I have used both slow and fast retrieval. Just depends on what the fish want to take that day.

    And YES you will get snagged and you will lose the lure at times if you are doing it correctly.