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  1. I see Rebel craws come in different colors, sizes and styles(like floating and shallow diving 2'-4' model)...can anyone tell me which is best for the GMR in Troy/Piqua/Tipp? And also inline spinner styles and colors that work here. I've been mostly still fishing on the banks but might want to try wading. Any advice is appreciated.

  2. I'm no expert, but in Tipp i've caught rock bass, smb and saugeyes on a rebel craw with both the green and orange belly. I guess it's the floating version, but it will dive a couple feet. I'm also interested to know what type of spinners work. I've never caught anything on a husky jerk around here...

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    Rebel Wee Craw in either brown & orange or green & orange. It dives 3-4' which is about right for where you have been fishing.
  4. Thanks. I've heard everyone talking about the Craws but not the different types so I was a little surprised there were choices
  5. On the inline spinners ... depending on your pole/line the size may vary, but anywhere from 1/16 to 1/4 oz.

    Colors that have worked for me:
    - White w/ silver blade
    - black blade and chartreuse body
    - firetiger
    - silver body and either gold or silver blade
  6. Smallmouth will eat anything that has chartreuse in it. that is my personal favorite color for the GMR. with any crankbait I have always had the best success with getting it down deep enough to where it is bouncing off of the bottom. it doesn't seem to matter what kind of crankbait I use they all seem to work well when they are fished this way. the only down siode is that you will lose alot of lure to snags but if you are wading you should be able to get most of them back.

    Inline spinners work great as well. the key to fishing them successfully is to cast as close to cover as possible if yo can drop the lure with a couple inches of a rock or a log you will be in good shape. again the syle doesn't seem to make a lot of a difference but I usually use rooster tails or mepp agilas.

    good luck that is a great stretch of river and I have caught alot of fish there over the years.
  7. Again I want to thank all posters for the help.
    I joined this site pretty much the day I first fished in Ohio and if it wasn't for the help and advice of the many good members I might very well have deep-sixed my rig and taken up basket weaving.
  8. I just found a new favorite in-line spinner. It's a 1/4 oz Rooster Tail with a chartruese body, black dots and a light green bucktail. The blade is gold. I got a 17" SM on it last week.

    Various others have worked, but the bigger Rooster Tails tend to be problematic for me. They won't spin unless you get the speed just right.

    I like to run spinners slowly through deep pockets when the bite is slow. They will find the little fish and eventually, they seem to make the big fish mad enough to hit them. My son often begins fishing with them and he usually out-fishes me in numbers.
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    There are all kinds of Rebel Craw colors. To be honest, I never knew there were floaters, all the ones I have ever used go 2-3 foot at most, they are shallow. There are some cool colors out there...I have one that is totally chartreuse, it is cool. Another one totally silver and a couple real dark red ones that almost look black. I have had the most luck with a plain old brownish with orange belly.

    I have really got hooked on the spinners this summer. I second River Anglin, I have done well with that very same set up. Mostly smaller fish with the spinners for me as compared to the Rebel Craws, but I have caught a couple nice size ones this summer with a spinner. This fish was on a spinner. [​IMG]