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  1. Don't spend it all on fishing gear...;)
    The rebate checks are scheduled to be sent out according to the last two digits of every person's social security number. For instance, those whose social security number ends between 00-09 will receive their check during week one of the mail out, somewhere around July 23. The remaining time table for the check rebate is as follows:

    Week 2: SSN# 10-19, July 30.

    Week 3: SSN#20-29, August 6.

    Week 4: SSN#30-39, August 13.

    Week 5: SSN# 40-49, August 20.

    Week 6: SSN# 50-59, August 27.

    Week 7: SSN#60-69, September 3.

    Week 8: SSN# 70-79, September 10.

    Week 9: SSN# 80-89, September 17.

    Week 10: SSN# 90-99, September 24.
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    Damn! Looks like I'll be spedning mine on something in the fall! ;)

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    Awesome, I'll get mine just in time for my BIRTHDAY!!!!
    I'm gonna stimulate the economy...couple cases of beer some chew n smokes
    Then I'll help out the SCHOOLS...gonna get me some scratch offs an a mega ticket
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    Sweet!! Week one for me! Unless the rules are different for families? Are the wife and kid going to get a separate check?
  5. OK.. I must have missed something.. what is this rebate?
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    bushes ............stimulating the economy

    600 bucks from the goverment

    i am last on the list i will save mine for christmass or the "rock" for the girl lol
  7. I don't know all the rules but I think this is your money from next years return. Example: If you would have received a $1200 tax return in 09 for this year it will only be $600 because they already gave you part of YOUR money. It's just an advance.
  8. This rebate schedule is a hoax. Check out the IRS website for accurate information. Rebate checks will be sent out in May. They will be direct deposited if that is what you selected on your 2007 1040 form. All others will be mailed out.
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    Stimulus Payments Information Center

    Updated March 6, 2008

    From the IRS website......
  10. Yes the tax rebate isnt as great as everyone thinks it is. All its doing is lowering your return fo next year. Also I just read that your better off getting your check mailed rather than direct deposited for a many reasons the big one they said is if it happenes to not get in your account you can run into all kinds of tax probems. I know i am having mine mailed. I would rather they just keep it so I am not getting screwed next tax year. Boy just got to love that government ( I hate it!) Its really going to suck for all the people that do not know this and next tax season think there getting what they normally do or a little more because of raises then find out when they get there return its short a few hundred bucks there not going to be to happy.
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    From the IRS website:

    Q. Is my stimulus payment taxable?

    A. No. You will not owe tax on your payment when you file your 2008 federal income tax return. But you should keep a copy of the IRS letter you receive later this year listing the amount of your payment. In the event you do not qualify for the full amount this year but you do next year, you will need to have the letter as a record of the amount you previously received.

    Q. Will the payment I receive in 2008 reduce my 2008 refund or increase the amount I owe for 2008?

    A. No, the stimulus payment will not reduce your refund or increase the amount you owe when you file your 2008 return.
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    The rebate WILL NOT come out of your 2008 taxes.

    Q. Will the payment I receive in 2008 reduce my 2008 refund or increase the amount I owe for 2008?

    A. No, the stimulus payment will not reduce your refund or increase the amount you owe when you file your 2008 return.

    That's from

    The orginal bill was reported as written. The normal flow of bills altered the original. The final approved bill has since been reported.
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    Thanks for posting that CW.

    Everybody has been talking about this at work and they were all misinformed and thought it would effect their next years taxes.
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    LOL - beat me to it CW.
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    All I know is I have 5 kids and my vacation at Indian Lake is the 3rd week of August. And my check should be here the 2nd week, what more could I ask for!!:) :D
  16. Did you even read the entire thread?

    As I understand it, you will be getting yo rebate in May, just like everyone else. :p