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  1. Took the family and met up with a great couple at Raystown for some fishing and fun!!!!!!!Spent Sat through about an hour ago out there and fished four times for fours with some good luck. Ill try to post some pics for you guys to see. One of the best times Ive every had but two. Cleveland a few nights are at the top. These were some of the best views Ive ever seen! Hope you guys enjoy because I know I did. Some of the things we did to get these fish are not for the world to see but the pics tell the tale!:B Hope I get something by tonight to post, the pics were taken off my Buddy's camera. If you ever get the chance GO! Worth every penny even if you dont fish. Thanks Guys!;)
  2. Hope ya like them!

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  3. Too Cool! Best place in PA!

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  4. What a ride! Headed back this fall for more.:! :B

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  5. Thes four fish were caught in a few hours. All taken the same morning. The next we hooked a bunch of smallies and by the third pulled 6 cats. Triple on the boards!:B :T
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    Looks like a great time! I assume you were you live bait fishing. Did you catch your own bait or purchase it?
  7. Picked up a few trout but the rest were caught.
  8. And we didn't get a single bite on them darn trout we bought, did we?
  9. Did good for a couple "Red Necks"!!!:B
  10. Hey Jig,
    I make at least one trip a year to Raystown and was wondering...was the bait you caught Shad or Alewives...and at what time did you catch it. I've tried to find them at some time on every trip and keep coming up empty.
    Each trip we usually nail the Lakers on cranks, but the Stripers keep me scratching my head.
    I might be making another trip there in October. Any ideas about when you might be returning?
  11. Alewives! Wasnt much in catching. Just got to mark it. With a thermo set up our bait come out of 25fow in the dark. Plan on heading out there this fall. Tree change got to be something. Bet the fishing isnt bad neither.;) :T