Raystown Lake PA.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by gotwipers, May 18, 2007.

  1. Just got back from a 2 day excursion into the Allegheny mountains to try and catch some stripers and smallmouth. We got drilled by the cold front and caught only a few small largemouth and smallies. The second day we caught some bigger smallies but nothing like I have caught on previous trips. We had 3 follows by stripers, one was on a Lucky Craft crankbait, one actually wanted to hit my husky jerk at the boat, but it scared the ever lovin out of me and I pulled the bait right out of the water. The other was a follow on a super fluke.
  2. Some Of My Fondest Memories Are From That Lake With My Grandfather Growing Up. It's Where I Got My Start In Bass Fishing. He Would Take Us Out In The Late Afternoon And We'd Get Back In The Wee Hours Of The Morning Throwing Only Texas Rigged Worms. Beautiful Country. 3 Yrs Back I Took My Boat There And Spent About 5 Days On The Water, With My Grandfather, 80 At The Time, But He Stayed Out Most Of The Day And Fished Strong The Whole Time. The Whole Family Got Together For A Picknick During That Week And My Dad And I Went Out For A Boat Ride For A Little While. He Was Really Surprised By The Speed Of My Boat And Was Grinning From Ear To Ear. We Did'nt Know He Was Sick At The Time, But He Passed A Few Months Later. Looking Back Now I So Glad For That Trip As It Was The Last Time I Got To Spend With Him Exept For A Few Visits With Him At The End. Wow, Sorry. Got Carried Away, Good Times.

  3. Hey Gotwipers, I go to Raystown every year, and I'm going to be there at the end of next week. On most trips I seem to get stuck in the rut of mostly trolling. I have picked up a striper or two doing this, but mostly get the Lakers and usually there are long periods between fish. Last year I hung around the Marty's Island saddle. With the thought of changing tactics this year, could you fill me in on where you pick your spots to fish. I'm guessing that like most, you fish the points, but with more than 15 to choose from, I wouldn't know where to begin. Some Smallmouth just might make the trip more enjoyable than just listening to the motor..
    Will most likely be putting in at 7-Points, but am willing to drive to another launch if prospects are better up or down the lake