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For those interested in Striped Bass or Lake Trout...
Friday...5 Lakers in two hours (mid-afternoon) with the biggest around 4lbs.
Saturday...Worked hard to find Stripers all morning with negative results. Found out later that the spawning run had completed, and the fish were farther down the lake. At mid-day we switched to trollong for lakers, then the wind had kicked up making trolling tough. Landed one Laker about 4lbs around 6:00pm. Still no stripers.
Sunday...Went out with a guide at sunrise. Had a couple of hits and managed to boat a 14.3lber with an attitude. My brother who had the luck of the draw, burned his thumb by leaving it on the reel's spool when the fish ran. The only other fish we caught in the morning was a dink smallmouth (figures it was my turn).
For the lake, it is still a little early for the Striper action, but as soon as the Alewives start spawning, the action should heat up. Not more than 2-3 weeks tops.
If you've never been to Raystown, it a long winding lake nestled between two mountains with a max depth of 165ft. It's absolutely beautiful with a sense of isolation while on the lake. Houseboat rentals are available too.
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