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Raymarine Autopilot HELP!

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Keith R, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Keith R

    Keith R One On The Turn

    I have a Raymarine Sportpilot auto pilot on my 2005 Monark w/Merc 115 Opti. The last 2 times out when I engae it, it will work fine for about a minute then it will start to turn in circles, sometimes left sometimes right whichever it feels like doing. I mostly use only the straight line steering for trolling. Also just had a on/off switch installed for my battery. Don't know if something maby did not get hooked up. Want to know if there is anything I should check first or try to do before I take it to the dealer for repair.

  2. Had one of these on a 22' Lake Erie boat once, seems like you had to calibrate it when you first installed it to get the head unit and the fluxgate compass talking nice to each other. If you disconnected your battery, this may have reset it, so you might need to redo it. I believe there was a special sequence of movements on the control stalk and you had to run in circles for a minute or two. Sold the whole thing on Ebay awhile back, so I don't have the documentation any more, might be able to find it by doing a search if you don't have it. Good luck