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    Launched out of Rayland yesterday. Caught several big drum, channel cats, stripers, 1 largemouth, and 2 dink smalleyes. Water was 81 degrees with about 3 foot of visibility. River stage was 14 foot with light current. All fish caught between 15 and 20 feet with 1/4 oz orange/yellow blades and 1/4 oz unpainted nickel blades. Also caught a couple on yellow/gold 1/4oz jig with worm.
    The ramp at Rayland is a Army Corps of Engineers facility so why did they charge me $4.00 to launch my boat? I thought I already paid for the ramp with my tax dollars. It was also very shallow and hard to launch from but it had good parking and a decent restroom.

    Amish Dave caught one drum on the downstream side of Wellsburg. That was the worst smelling fish I have ever had in my boat. Amish Dave had to wash his hands with a can of soda to avoid having to wash them in the river!LOL!:D Do they pump raw sewer in the river? We did see a sign that said the water was unfit for recreation use if the flow was open.:(
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    from my understanding the army core of eng. sold the marina to a private party in the late 60 or early 70 I have also been under the understanding that they didn't sell anything they already own some friends of mine went there for a grad party I told them dont expect much it seems to be pretty cluttered down there around the shelters

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    Rayland ramp is a private owned ramp the guy who runs it is Rick??? I beleive.

    As far as I know it has been under private ownership since sometime in the 90's with a launch fee of course.
    If you think it is shallow now.............you should have tried it before they dredged it out. It gets very shallow(less than 2ft) when the water is low.

    Right there at the south end of Wellsburg at the mouth of Buffalo Creek is the cities wastewater plant..........you should see it when the gates are open.......a river of black $hit that will run you out of there real fast if your nose works!!!!

    There is a ramp in Mingo that puts you a few miles closer to better fishing than Rayland does IMO,it's an OK ramp but a little steep.