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rayland backwaters

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by big_fish, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. big_fish

    big_fish the fish whisperer

    ran down to the rayland backwaters around 530 today the wife said go ahead and I didn't want to dissapoint her so I went anyways I caught 1 channel cat with a jig and minnow under a bobber it was 6lbs 23 in what a fight on ultralite gear any ways I started fishing with the bobber about 2 ft deep and was snagging on the bottom in some places around 20 to 25 ft out so I went to about a ft deep and no snags I geuss it's alot shallower than I thought wish I had a smart cast tight lines big_fish :D
  2. hey
    only went 4 about 15mins yesterday :eek:
    stoped by the creek at the launch there in that little town were they make steel(don't want 2 give away are secrets spots)lol lol don't want it 2 turn into the tusc that i been reading about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    an what ever u do don't ever say what am driving i went threw that before :mad: have 2 park one place an fish some place else .lol lol
    but anyway walked up stream from the pipe were that little eddy is an hooked in 2 a real nice walleye was about 2 land him when a car load of local's( are busch bargade) show up an so i just released him with my needle nose with out taking him out of the water as i was leaving one of them ask what i had on i just smiled an said i snagged a carp :p
    i would say he was in 24 to 26''range. didn't want 2 try the good spot!!!!!!!
    u know :) on a sunday 2 many poeple rideing around lol lol
    we will hook up this weekend i work thru thrusday off fri/till teusday