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  1. Driving along SR 5 between Ravenna and Warren between 4:30 and 5:00 this afternoon counted 14 deer in several groups inside the arsenal fence. There had to be alot more because I was trying to keep an eye on the road. The several bucks I saw had great antlers- long tines and nice spread. Was kind of surprised to see that many deer after reading on these forums how many deer came out of there this fall.
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    Well that place is huge, about 23,000 acres I believe. And I think it only gets hunted 3 days a year.

  3. Does anyone know the total amount of deer taken during the controlled hunts?
  4. i got to hunt there this year and took a small doe. There was one HUGE buck taken that i saw. At least a 14 plus pointer.
  5. I talked to someone who went to Plumbrook on Saturday...the last day of hunting up there. He said through the first 3 hunts there were only 133 taken. He said this past Saturday seemed kind of slow and that they were hoping to harvest 500+ throught he 4 hunts but were no where near that #.
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    I hunted Plumbrook Sat. And I shot a nice adult doe and seen around 15-20 deer that day. We hunted area 53. I wasn't all that crazy about that area. We signed out at 5:30 and I was the 67th person to tag in a deer that day and there was only on more guy in line to get a tag.