Ravenna Area Catfishing?

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  1. What are the best catfish lakes around this area. I am new. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Head south on Rt 44 to what is called Price Rd and off of 44 it's called something different, but will turn into Price Rd. When ya get to the old ice cream place, hang a left and go a few miles. Ya won't miss the fishing hole. Lots of cats caught in there. Nice quiet place.....

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    walborn is a good place ,also w branch is good lots of shore acess ,milton and berlin have lots of shore spots also,depends how far you want to drive. we have been up to wb the past weekends and been getting cats crappie and bass and a eye once in a while,plus a big white bass last week....
  4. Walbourn is an OK place for channel cats, I used to fish there a lot as a kid.
    The road that you turn left on right by the Ice Cream place in New Baltimore is Pontius Rd. I've never caught a cat in Westbranch, but they are there. Berlin is another good place to fish for cats. Go south on 44 and then go east on 224. Go out past Deerfield and you will come to the causeway, and there is a parking area there on the causeway. You can fish from shore there. I've seen some nice Channel Cats caught there.



    a guy i use to know before he passed away used to do trout lines in walbourn and i use to go help him bait and check his lines and he use to get some really nice cats out of walbourn
  6. I think I will check out Walborn. I can't find a fishing map of the lake. What are the best locations?
  7. Mosquito by far is the best catfish lake in the vicinity,next probably lake milton,after that west branch,berlin.Good luck