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  1. This year i was going to try rattling though im not too experienced. I was just wondering is there any special way youre supposed to do it? I dont mean 'special' , but the sequence. How long to do it and how often and should you hit the doe can before?, and grunt? I tried to do it ways people told me to but never really had luck . And Im confused about when to do it. If someone can help itll be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. In my unprofessional but successful opinion the first thing you have to do is make sure you get into an area where there are bucks without getting busted, they have to be in hearing distance. Once you're settled in I'd wait about a half hour before you start. Early in the year just light rattling works good, don't go overboard. Early to late October they just do a little sparing and then go about their routine and this light rattling peaks their curiosity and they'll come in to investigate what's going on. I like to rattle for about 15-20 seconds every 30-45 minutes. The best luck I've had doing it is on clear, calm days, early in the morning and late in the afternoon. As the rut comes on the rattling needs to be more aggressive, bang um hard to start and grind the horns (antlers) together making a lot of noise for as long as your arms can hold up, usually about 2 minutes every half hour or so. As far as the can goes, I've never really had much success using it, but, the grunt call is a different story. Grunting has worked very well for me during the rut which should be in full swing around the end of the first week of November through the end of the month. Using the grunt call, I would sound off with about three or four short 1 second long grunts in an alternating cadence, then get ready, they can come flying in or come in cautiously up wind. In the last four years since I took up bow hunting again I've taken two bucks that where grunted in and two that where rattled in. The posting in the Bucks and Does thread that says Rattled Buck is this years buck I shot on the 13th. Don't get carried away with it and be persistent and you'll add another dimension to your hunt and should find it to work well. Good luck!

  3. Results depend solely on the mood/demeanor of the individual buck. I've never heard a person rattling that even sounded close to what two actual deer sound like. If a deer is in the right mood, or has the right temperment, he'll come check it out. Some come in slowly, some will come on a dead run. Again, it depeneds on the deer. 8 times out of 10 you'll get no results. But, it gets enough results to try it.