Rattled One In

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by devildog49, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Had a buck working around me this morning after doing some rattling,close but never in range. After grunting and hitting the "can" the buck just kept drifting away. He ended up about 200 yads away and I thought what the heck, pick up my antlers and click them. The buck stops, turns, and makes a mad dash for me. 20 yards slow walk I hit the grunt, stop him and let it fly. I hear a loud ting and I know what I did ---- I hit the rail with my arrow-- good bye deer!
    I was hunting out of my buddies tower that used to be an old pond dive or slide platform I for got about being over the railing!

    Still awesome to be able to get one to react like that!!!!!!
  2. i feel your pain!!! rattled my first one last year...hit the ''can'' a few times and went to work on the ''bag''...within minutes a REAL nice buck is standing 15 yrds from my stand!!! only 1 problem...my bow is hanging beside me and i have a can in one hand,bag in other!!!! AWSOME DAY!!! never got a shot as he went right back over the hill!!!