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  1. Rattled in this buck on Oct 13th in a creek bottom. First trip out and hunted about an hour before he came in. A friend got a nice eight point about 2-weeks ago and his neck was as wide as his shoulders. Also, in regards to the rut, I seen a nice 140 chasing a doe last Friday, don't leave the woods, the game is on! Now all I can do is call for a friend of mine or try for a big doe to run through the grinder.

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  2. Nice buck man. Is that a KI sticker I see in your back window???

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    yep thats wat it looks like but rember those are wat "we" call tourists ;)
  4. Yea, that's the civilized island sticker but the truck it's on is pictured in Huron county.
  5. Oh I knew that picture wasn't taken on the island. I'm from Kelleys Island so I always recognize those everywhere.
  6. Nice job dude, i wanna be like you:)