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Rats Nest Bass Club has openings!

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by emckean4, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. FB_IMG_1486673129480.jpg We have 12 opening coming into this 2017 season. The details are on the bottom of the schedule or check us out on Facebook.

  2. Theirs another tourny at tappan on 4 23 so your aware
  3. Yeah I know. I was first in line to get permits just so that wouldn't happen and they did it any way. I had another Club that MWCD booked on my other Tappan club date and that club decided no to step on my toes like that. That was a class move on that clubs part.
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  4. Pairings on what?
  5. Do you draw for boater and co angler pairing? Or how does one become a member
  6. You can fish as a team or by yourself. If your interested in signing up just give me a call. 330 432 1064
  7. Non- boater at moment, should be boater by 2nd tourny
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  8. You can ask on our Facebook page at rats nest bass club.
  9. FYI - Our club is not going to Milton 6/4 even though we are permitted. 2 clubs + an open at Milton on the same date is too much.
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  10. Since we are on the subject somewhat. It's also bull that a guy from one club can get up in line and set tournaments for another club after he sets his dates. without having to get back in line. That's ok though there will be some changes on that for next year.
  11. What clubs other then Rats Nest are at Milton on 6/4? I see the open from ovba. Just curious. Luckily I am at Berlin that day.
  12. Portage Lakes Bass Club has a permit, but we are NOT going to crowd Rats Nest or OVBA. We are going elsewhere.
  13. Yeah I know some guys turn in schedules for up to 3 clubs and im OK with that. I do like the first come first serve as it should be. What I don't like is how they say they won't stack tournaments and then they stack tournaments. State lakes tend to let as many tournaments as there are ramps go out on the same day. It is what it is and all we want to do is compete and fish.
  14. Still taking members?
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  15. Yes we have 4 openings.
  16. Nope we have 2 openings.
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