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Rare Double

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SConner, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

  2. shadesplace

    shadesplace Game Champion

    Congrats on a great catch. I use a double lure for crappie/gills. I bought a Saboku (sp) used for drop shops. I get them at Bass pro. It has 10 hooks on it. Both ends have a split ring tied to it from factory. Cut it in half and leave 3 hooks on each side. (state maximum per fishing line). Tip it with wax worms or fish it by itself and its a blast. Most ive taken in at a time is 2. Im still searching for the thrid one. When I get it ill post a picture.

    Congrats again on a double. Very rare.

  3. BigLunkerSOB

    BigLunkerSOB Bengals 4-life WHO DEY

    JEEZ!!! I haven't accomplished that feat yet. Man you have been lighting the smallmouth up, Sconner. I check this board all the time and it seems you have the fish dialed in.
  4. thats cool!!! angler of the month nomini (sp)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    Would like to give credit to Newbreed for yesterday. First time fishing with him and he put us on some nice spots. I learned a great deal from him in just a day.
  6. That is cool, Ive done it several times with topwater baits in particular, and smallies are perfect for getting doubles since they are so aggressive. Good job! I get bluegill and small lm doubles all the time in a farm pond I fish when i use a Popper/dropper rig on the fly rod, man its a good feeling when you think you got a huge bass on the 2 wt fly rod and its 2 - 9+" bluegills ( yeah, this pond is chock full of em)

  7. Way to go on the double! Thats a very cool pic.
  8. In all my years on the river I've never seen it done. I was amazed and honored to be the one taking the pic. You see secondary smallies follow the one you've hooked all the time, but to hook two? Crazy.

    We tore them up that day.
  9. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    Nice work and nice picture.

    It's happenned to me once, years ago. My brother in law came down and I took him out to a creek where I was burning up the smallies. I caught two on a #5 rapala original floating minnnow as I was bragging about catching so many smallies. It made me look like I really knew what I was doing :D

  10. Well, I can say that on a crankbait or topwater it's rare, but if you have the right rig, it can be done numerous times especially with smallies. here is what i use

    1- 4 inch worm on a drop shot rig, i then tie a tube with jig head on the bottom of the line and use that as my drop shot weight, I'll drag the tube along the bottom, pause, twitch the drop shot bait a bit, if there is more than one fish and one grabs one of those baits, there is a good chance the movement on the other bait will entice a bite from the following fish.

    i have caught numerous doubles this way. if I had to count at least a dozen times or so maybe a bit more, this works real well when you find a school of crappies as well, just downsize to small jig head on the drop shot and another for the bottom, lot of times both will get wrecked before they hit the bottom.. :)

    congrads on the double, it's one of the best feelings fighting two fish at the same time. WTG