rapala discontinuing the color "clown"

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by capt S, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. a worker at gander mountain said that rapala was discontinuing the color "clown". i asked this question because they had one whole rack of clown husky jerks. i was just wondering if anyone else has heard this. and why would they do this to one of their best colors!
  2. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    If I remember correctly they stopped making other baits in the clown color a while back. I have not heard anything about the HJs though. I can just see the rush to buy them up, myself included:D

  3. I cant understand why they would do that:confused: unless they want to make limited runs of them every couple of years and have them sell like hotcakes.
  4. H2O Mellon

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    I wouldnt get too freaked out. Several years ago they revamped the "Clown" color, so lets hope thats all they are doing.

    I know guys in Northern Minnesota that have hundreds of Husky Jerks in only two colors: Clown and Firetiger. I bet those guys will literally riot in the streets if Rapala did away w/ their go to bait.
  5. Gju42486

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    hmm,,ill be stocking up just in case....we dont want another Y2K happening
  6. ezbite

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    does that include "glass clown" maybe thats what they are going too.
  7. BigDaddy300

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    Gotta love that glass clown:D
  8. tubuzz2

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    Maybe PETA is pushing this, another way to stop the us for getting too many hawgs.
  9. i heard that they were discontinuing them because the walleye said that they tasted "funny".

    all thumbs
  10. I've had probably just above average success with the clown color but if the mess with firetiger I will lead the riot in the streets

  11. Wannabitawerm

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    Clown is the one of the 2 main colors in my night time arsenal. If they disconinue it, I'll stop buying Rapalas and start buying Smithwick Rogues. (Now all I gotta do is find someplace that carries them!!)
  12. I heard the same thing a the gander Mountian in Mentor. The Guy also said that the WHOLE Husky Jerk series is being discontinued.
  13. seethe303

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    maybe Gander Mountain us trying to boost their sales by scaring fishermen?
  14. tubuzz2

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    A guy I know talk to a Rapala rep and they are not discountining clown color.