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  1. Thinking of getting a Ranger boat, It's a fish and ski boat. Have my coice of motors and not sure which one is the best of my choices. The boat will have a 150 hp motor,my choices are 1) Mercury optmax 2)Evinrude E-Tec and my third choice is Yamaha 4 stroke. If you guys have any idea which would be the best choice let me know. Your help is appreciated.
  2. They are all good motors. The big difference I see is the quietness of operation. The Opti will be the loudest followed by the E-Tec and then the Yamaha. The Yamaha will be quiet enough that you can speak in a normal tone at cruising speed.:)

  3. Although the E-Tec is a great engine they are having serious problems with their lower units. When I was at the FLW Bass Tournament at Lake Seminole, eight E-Tec's went down due to lower unit failure. They are saying the
    2008's are fixed but I wouldn't bet on that just yet.
    Hard to go wrong with the other two choices just depends what you are trying to get from them. Why is the Yamaha a four stroke?
  4. The OptiMax has won the JD Power and Associates award for the past three years (tied with the E tec last year). If you think those kinds of studies/awards have any validity, you might want to give it some thought.

    All three are very nice motors.
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    I have a Reata 1850 with a Yamaha F150 4 stroke.Top speed fully rigged with T8 kicker and alot of gear and 2 guys is 47-48mph.Very smooth running and quiet,maintainance free motor.Good gas mileage with the 4stroke but the thing i like the best is no adding oil like the other 2strokes u mentioned.

    This is the first 4 stroke main motor i have owned and i really like it.If there is one down side it is if you have alot of people on the boat,,,,im talking 4 adults and a few children,its doggy out of the whole.Thats where the 2 strokes would be better.Im considering buying a different prop for when i pull the kids tubeing and have alot of people on the boat,that should greatly help this.

    Whatever motor you choose im sure your going to love the Reata 1850,,,,very versatile rig.I have 2 kids and between fishing and tubeing with them i couldnt be happier with this rig.

  6. I'll clarify this a little. The Opti won the award in the two stroke division. The Yamaha won in the four stroke division. The Opti and E Tec tied last year.
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    Tom, I'm a big fan of the 2 strokes for torque, and power expecially on often rough lake erie, noise is the only downfall IMO, the newer DI (direct injected) motor burn very very clean and do not smoke and choke like the old 2 stroke EFI's of days past. I think any one of those motors would be a good choice and a solid performer, in this day and age I would make sure you get the best warranty available. I know Mercury has a 5 year on the Optimax, not sure on other motors.
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    I repowered with a 4 stroke Yamaha back in 2002 and never looked back.Sweet on gas and has never missed a beat.