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Ramp Rage?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Spike, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Had a run in at the ramp today. Guy parks his boat right on the ramp while he gets his truck. Decides to BS with the guy in the other ramp while both trucks/boats are just sitting in the ramp. During this time I sitting in my boat that just had the steering cable break and I had to steer by grabbing the motor by the cover to turn, waiting for somebody to move.

    The guy finally moves out of the ramp and parks to tie down RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Huge open parking lot twenty feet to his left. Of coarse he parked right behind my truck so I couldn't back out of the lot to go get my boat, so I had to try to weave around all the other trucks and trailers to get out of the lot, then go a hundred yards down the road to turn around.

    I get loaded up and pull out of the ramp and then around this guy by going on the wrong side of the road and then I pull into the parking lot to tie down. I'm thirty feet from the guy, but in nobody's way.

    I get out of the truck, and my bud is walking over to help unload when I declare, "At least I managed not to park out in the friggen road." The guy is standing there and hears me and says, "sorry about that, I'm a member of the national safe boater ass'n." I tell the guy he needs to enroll in the national boater courtousy ass'n. He agreed!

    I went into a small tirade about if he knew he was being a bonehead that makes it worse. Bad enough he's clogging up the ramp, but then blocking a somewhat busy road and many trucks/trailers that were blocked in. Guess what the guys reason was? "I got a sick kid."

    Funny, his sick kid didn't put him in any kind of hurry. I told him that I had a broken steering cable, yet I held up nobody, and he is the kind of person I read about on the internet in the ramp follies section.

    If he is a member and sees this. YOU STINK!

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    Probably has used the sick kid routine before.

    I was at Seneca lake several years ago and watched with delight the comings and goings at the ramp. One guy almost deep sixed his truck and had to be pulled out. One woman got the boat loaded then locked her keys in the trunk. One guy almost lost the boat off the trailer as he pulled out. The real fun was watching people pulling their sailboats out for the year. Larry, Curly and Mo had nothing on these people. They were very entertaining since I didn't have to wait on them. They were different from your guy in that they were just incompetent, he sounds like a rude #&@%#$* !

    At least you got to vent and maybe he'll be more considerate next time.