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  1. A couple thoughts about the Browns...

    Wouldn't Robiskie look good in the slot for the Browns next year? Great hands. good enough speed, runs routes well, no alligator arms....I think we'd have to get a early third round pick back to get him in the draft...Our Second round pick is almost like a first. Maybe we could drop back about 5 places and get a second and a third for it?

    Would Boeckman look good as a replacement for Dorsey? Maybe we can get him with our sixth round pick. I'd certainly try to sign him as a free agent if he went undrafted...

    I have never been a Boone fan. Thought he was too slow and had trouble with speed rushers. He might not look too bad as a right tackle though....Fourth round?

    I think McCoy is a system QB. I don't think his dump and dink will translate well in the NFL.

    I wonder who is going to be the draft expert for the Browns? I wonder if Savage took his 2009 draft board with him when he got booted? I think Mangini will end up as the coach but I hate to have coaches get too involed in the draft....Mad dog in the meat market syndrome..

    I like Beanie Wells when he's on the field...Is it me or does he seem to disappear in big games with injuries too often. Last night we sure could have used him in the second half...I'm afraid he's going to be injury prone in the NFL too...

    Anybody see anygood LB's in the bowl games? Maluuga (sp) of USC didn't impress me. Of course I didn't pay alot of attention to the game after Penn State fell behind so much...

    Clay Matthews Jr might slip to the beginning of the fourth round which would be a nice pick for the Browns..

    The D.E. from Texas that was suppose to be so good had a pretty quiet game too.
  2. 1.) McCoy is 2010 draft pick

    2.) Orapko (Texas DE) is a stud. His stats were meager, but his impact was huge.

    3.) Beanie is a child. Don't want him anywhere near the Browns' roster.

    4.) I thought Brian Cushing played an excellent game against PSU, but Maleuga and Aaron Curry (Wake) are the two best LBs in this draft.

    5.) Todd Boeckman is no different than Krenzel and John Navarre from Michigan - pro-style QBs that won't cut it at the next level.

    6.) I think Robiskie is a fine college player, but I also thought Michael Jenkins was and we see how he's done at the NFL level.

    7.) I think Alex Boone would be fine in the NFL..... at guard.

  3. Agree with you on Chris Wells. I like Shonn Greene better.

    I thought Lauranitis had a great bowl game, as did Aaron Curry and Clay Mathews jr. We don't know how Beau Bell will work out, but the Ravens draft process seems to turn out quality LB's in the mid to late rounds so I favor Curry. It's hard to judge Clay Matthews jr. because there is SO MUCH TALENT on the USC defense. Players I like in round 1...The top 5 guys will go in the top 15 (I think!)

    Maualuga, Orakpo, Raji and Beanie have bust potential...Attitude problems, me guys (see Edwards, Braylon) or can't stay healthy.

    Aaron Curry
    Michael Oher
    Taylor Mays
    Vontae Davis
    Malcolm Jenkins
    Gerald McCoy (if he declares)
    Peria Jerry
    BJ Raji

    Just my opinion. What do you guys think?
    Shonn Greene (might be there in round 2)

    Orakpo reminds me to much of Kamerion Wimbley, super athlete with one pass rush move. That dog don't hunt in the NFL!
  4. Only one problem with this list. Taylor Mays is the biggest me guy I've ever seen. Have you ever seen him in an interview?
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    Whoa..........define great game for Laurinaitis? Do you mean being caught out of position on mulitiple occasions thoughout much of the 2nd half. When he comes free on a blitz he is sometimes capable of making a play. For his size blockers eat him up(which is why he performed better in 2007{experienced d-line in front of him} than in 2008). I think he could make an impact for someone as a strong safety.

    We need a big physical guy that can play inside linebacker and run sideline to sideline. I think Curry or Mauluga fits the mold, maybe Matthews or Cushing but I honestly don't know which linebacker is THE best in this draft.

    For Orakpo...........see Vernon Gholston 2008 stats for a fair projection of the Texas kid.

    Beanie is a baby...........maybe the Bengals will over-value him.
  6. I love to see a LB knock the runner backwards on his butt...Last night I saw a couple of times where it looked like Laurinaitis was going for a horseyback ride. His made the tackle but it looked like he rode the RB for a couple of yards..
  7. No, I haven't. But he sure put some hurt on Penn State wide receivers going over the middle in the bowl game.
  8. When I say great game, I am referring to his ability to diagnose draws, counters and screens before the blockers can set up for the play and make the tackle. Very disciplined player. It's funny, but before the bowl games I thought Maualuga was much better, but now I've changed my mind. Just one game mind you, but a big game. I just thought Laurinitis had more of an impact. His game dropped off a bit as the 2nd half wore on, but the defense just got worn out because when they could generate a little pressure (which wasn't very often), McCoy beat the blitz and the Buckeye offense sputtered for most of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. You can't fault a MLB for getting beat on a crossing route, by a slot receiver. Those plays take time to develop...that's more of an indictment of the pass rush. Ohio State's DT's got pushed all over the field and are a team weakness every season. They got pushed all over the field in the 2nd half and that causes problems for any MLB. Put Mauluga up against a free running guard and he'll lose every time as well.
  9. Robiskie- naaah, no thanks, if we draft reciever then go get one (Crabtree) don't piddle around with a guy that may not even make the team... Besides, we already have a possession guy in Stallworthless. :)
    Boone- maybe a guard, maybe a 4th rd pick
    Wells- love him when he's on the field, but the guy is made of glass.
    I thought Cushing was the most impressive player for USC's D against P state.
    Mathews?? The way he played I thought he was still a freshman- bad penalties, out of position, etc.. honestly, I didn't think he was even eligible?

    To me the only guy that is a sure bet from OSU is Jenkins- but do the BROWNS really need another CB?- Other pressing needs!

    ManGenius scares me- Is he a defensive guy? Offensive? Special Teams?
    I guess he's the best available- hopefully his assistants will have more experience then him.
  10. 1) I think Matthews could be one of the big steals in the draft. Personally, I would grab him if he's there in the 3rd round & I would seriously consider him in the 2nd.
    2) I would definitely spend a late 1st or early 2nd day pick for Robiskie. I view him as a dynamite possession receiver & he has good speed. I love guys like him....nothing flashy, but real sound fundamentally, smart, & durable.
    3) Beanie...Unfortunately, MAJOR durability issues.

    Actually, I would think VERY hard about Matthews in the 2nd & Robiskie no later than the 3rd round. Both are blue collar players with great bloodlines & fathers who taught them well.
  11. Right now the Browns are siiting without a third and fifth round picks due to trades last draft..Maybe we can trade down with our second and pick up a later second and a third...