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Rainy Night Bite Jerks Limit!!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishslim, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. [​IMG] Got out late this evening hit a rocky area that i have not fished much lately due to wind direction and other fishermen near the spot!!;) Tonight had basically whole lake to myself except a couple trollers trying to run aground. Was a steady bite all evening with 13 bites on my Blue chrome #12 husky suspender. Caught 11 Saugeyes and a fat 30" catfish. Wow did that hit wake me up! :D Ended up keeping 6 nice fat Saugeyes with biggest right at 24" She was pretty fat and blasted husky right at shore by the time i got her in one hook was in her mouth and thought for sure she would come off, but got her on shore and grabbed her as quick as i could. Was pleasantly surprised at water clarity south it was very nice.
  2. ok ok now your just rubbing in the saugeye on a husky thing. just kidding but it is a great lookin catch. and judging from the temps and the rain, a well deserved stringer.

  3. thigpend6

    thigpend6 D'Angelo

    nice job on the eyes again :)
  4. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Thanks for the report! I'll be hitting a certain spot tomorow evening with some sort of suspending bait near something near a lake with a lot of missing water :D
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  5. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    Keep it on the down low mushi! :D
  6. Very nice stringer of fish, way to get after em.
  7. 25'' 7# Saugeye 007.jpg

    Great fish as usual slim. Novembers been good to you. Instead of starting a whole new saugeye thread I decided to post my PB saugeye here. Hope you don't mind the slight hijack.

    I caught this saugeye (25'' just shy of 7 lbs) the other night on a suspending husky as well. I have caught several 23'' saugeye but this one dwarfed them in comparison. I ended up with three fish total the big one, a 22'', and a 14'' all on the same presentation slow retrieve.

    I ended up moving later that night and ran into jiggerman and walleye24. Nice to meet you guys. Only accidentally snagged one saugeye there so you guys made the right decision and left.
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  8. Nice catch slim. I was out above the Dam for a short while between 8 and 9 but didn't do any good wth my smithwicks. How were you working your HJ's?
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    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

  10. Nice catch as always fishslim,you da man!:D
  11. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Slim is the saugeye king!

    Congrats, great report.
  12. I was at work all last night, thinking this rain might turn'em on. Wishing I was out then instead of Tuesday night. Great job slim
  13. I've been wanting to try some night fishing this fall at CJ Brown I've fished at night quite a bit at Indian but I was wondering in the deeper lakes are you catching fish by casting over deep water ( towards the lake) or strictly along the shorelines the reason I ask is because I've had people tell me at Erie they troll and cast shallow diving cranks in a little deeper water because the eyes are up high feeding on the bait on top of the water. I'd probably fancast the areas I want to fish anyway but it would give me a little more confidence knowing I wasn't wasting time/casts in unproductive water you know what I mean? Nice fish by the way!!
  14. EE


    yes, you can cast out into deeper water and catch fish. the question I would ask is, do they have structure nearby that they can relate to? if you are casting into 20 feet of water, and you drag it 10 feet up a nearby ledge, or over the top of a shelf, etc. you'll probably be in pretty productive water. Hit 2-3 feet of water too, or at least pause a bit before lifting your lure out of the water. They like to hit at the last moment sometimes. if you want to hit CJ Brown, look for places where deep water comes up quickly to shallow water; look for humps, points, shelves, etc. You have it right with fan casting, that's a must. Good luck and post your results if you get out!
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  15. Slim do you have enough deep freezers to hold your filets? Keep slayin' em
  16. Nice bit of work there, fishslim. Why is it that my instincts seldom intersect with my schedule? Last evening at dinner time I had that look on my face I get when I'm thinking about heading out with the fish gear. Wife said no way, stay home with daughter while the need to go shopping is sated, besides, can't you see it's raining south of here? Yes, I see it's raining. Been waiting for it, in fact. Got the rain gear ready in the truck, in fact. Why is everything black and my head hurting?

    When I came to, daughter and I went out to the garage and put a new impeller in the water pump of a motor I just bought. She's pretty good with tools for a 7 yr. old. Motor runs like a champ now, ready for the weekend. Hopefully, my instincts and schedule will intersect next time.

  17. Johnboat EE answered it well key is to know the structure of lake your fishing,seems bigger fish this time of year are caught in or very near deep water. They can be suspended 2-4 feet under surface in 20 foot of water or they can as erik metioned be right on the shoreline depends if bait is working in open water or if they are looking to ambush shad using shore as a way to confuse the baitfish making for easier prey. Sometimes especially if windy,fish seem to come tighter to shore line but i feel alot come up from deeper water and follow bait awhile checking it out that is why that delay before pulling lure is key. Last night the big girl was 5 foot or so off shore i stopped lure at end of cast and left it sit there while i checked my phone for time,when i got done doing that i just slightly lifted rod and made lure move ever so slightly and BAM! she lit it up and took off like a freight train to deep water. At CJ rocky areas like near dams or causeways have a rock mud breakline that fish use to cruise,find a spot along it that juts out or rises up different from rest and usually you have found a feeding or ambush spot. Work it hard and many different ways and times some produce at different times then others or with different baits. Biggest thing is to get out there and get lure in water and keep walking learning as you go. Tonight is a perfect night to be out and i am really thinking about going for a couple hours.;) So have at it guys!! Good fishing. Oh yeah nice fish Scentific and i bet i know where that one came from especially after mentioning moving and running into Walleye24 and Jiggerman. Hmmm! Wonder where they frequent!!;)
  18. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    Tried last night, no saugeye but several bass and a few crappie. I may be fishing over too shallow of water. Had wind coming into the bays the shad were there, not the saugeye. The shad were 8 inches long.
  19. If everything lines up tonight...I hope to be out for my first fishing of 2009. Brutal schedule the last 18 months and I dusted off the suspending cranks and hope to be out somewhere in central Ohio tonight.

    I can't stand it any longer!!
  20. EE that is BONUS information right there. Leading a horse, giving him drink and showing him how too. Awesome information.