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  1. Trout are taking wax worms below ice bobbers. Yesterday 3 people and 15 trout in about 2 hors. Today, 4 of us got 19 before the monsoon hit. I also slipped and fell on my ass in the water and about busted my elbow:( It was a local stocked resevoir;)
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    Yep those bow's can be fun to chase now and then. Many of the locations have fishable populations of trout from the Fall stocking right through to the Spring stocking. Here's a link from the Fall 2007 dates/locations if anyone missed it.


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    so if a guy like me wanted to partake in a lil rainbow action where might this public fishing ground be located?
  4. 6 of us took 30 out of there this afternoon in about 2 hours. Wax worms or half a nightcrawler under a small ice bobber again.