Rainbow trout

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  1. Hey everyone, I just finished a Rainbow trout musky bait. It is 10" long. I made it from some redwood that a fella gave me. He had it in the garage for like 20 years. Was nice to work with. Has a neat smell also. It is a thru-wire. It was lots of fun to do!!!!!!!!! :D

    Those dots were not fun to do! :eek: I did each one by hand with a enamel paint marker. I almost fell asleep twice! LOL


  2. once again john you always find a way to amaze us!!! awesome!!!

  3. Very nice job! Love the fin......

  4. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    That looks awesome! I love the details you add to your lures!!
  5. super clean work there:) yellow is one of the best colors, fresh water and salt. killer job
  6. Makes want to go steelhead fishin'!!! Great work, John.
  7. Another ****** beautiful lure Tigger. I want to see a pic of the steel head swinging off this. pete
  8. Beautiful work John!
  9. Holy crap thats awsome.
  10. Thanks guys, I love doing the naturals, I have a Lake trout and a Brown trout that I am working also. I'll post some pics when I get them done.

    Happy New Year!
  11. cant wait to see the brown!!! beautiful fish

    have a safe and happy new years!
  12. John, looking at that lure inspired me...


    THANKS!!! First time out since the night bite with Virgil!!! (Nick caught the fish, but he was nice enough to let me hold it for a picture!)
  13. thats some beautiful work
  14. Carl nice fish!

    Now you got me thinking of steelheading! I am going into fishing withdrawal. Come on THICK ice. Maybe Carly and I will get her magnet fishing game out and play later.

    Your Avatar is killing me............. Great pic!