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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Jackfish, May 25, 2008.

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  1. :mad:

    Ok I know all the standard pay lake posts, and I agree with sediment….and yes, a 5lb wild flatty is > 50lb paylake one....

    That being said, I’m a hypocrite because I do like to take my kids fishing and don’t feel the GMR at dusk/night is safe for a 2year old; between the occasional strange folk if shore based or the current if boat based. My wifey is nervous enough when I go out, she would kill me if I took the little ones. So once a year or so I take one of my little runts to a paylake for a couple hours.

    So when the wife asked me to watch the kids tonight so she could get a bit of work done, I made a deal, and decided I would take my girl to rainbow lakes. I saw a post on here about this having new ownership who has cleaned it up and made if a family friendly place now, and thought “sure I’ll try it for a couple hours”.

    I’m posting to say I think this is not a “family friendly” place.

    - Restrooms, hard enough for a guy to take his daughter to a restroom, most men’s rooms are not the nicest facilities. Rainbows is complete failure. It’s not a restroom; it’s an outhouse, the equivalent to a large port-a-potty. After saying “daddy, daddy I really really need to potty” I quickly pack up and rush her over to the facilities, we wait until its empty, go in, gag for air from the stink, and my girl promptly say “eww it’s yucky, I’m not going potty here, you need potty I wait outside”. Come on. Family friendly? There are no doors on the stalls – I don’t want strangers coming in to see my girl on the restroom – no sinks or running water to wash your hands? I can understand this if I hadn’t read this family friendly junk about the new ownership. I head to the shack where you buy your pass…thinking surely they must have nicer facilities, explain that my kid cant use there restrooms and they say that’s all they have, they have to use the same ones. If we want a better restroom have to head down the road a bit. Remember me saying there where no sinks in the restrooms? Yes they sell food at the shack there….yuck.
    - This was not a planned trip so I bought some bait when I first arrived, because don’t have my bait tanks set up for river fishing for the year yet. $2/ each goldfish! To top it off, I had 2 bites during the 2 hours or so I was there…. Both came back with just the head of the goldfish….for that price you think they would clean out the turtles…I mean come on.

    So if anyone else is thinking about taking their kids their….don’t bother.

    Anyone know a good safe place for kids if I want to take them for an evening run? I don’t like to bother with boat, as attention spans are rather short sometimes, but would like somewhere I can tag something other than bluegill.
  2. Lake Isabella Family Fishing Center Exit 52 off of 275 Loveland Ohio. Kids fish for free 12 and under. They just stocked 1000lbs of channel cats Friday 5/23


  3. pendog66

    pendog66 It swims its bait

    doesnt surprise me
  4. oh yeah the infamous Rainbow Restrooms..... theyve been that way since i started going there as a kid. everybody that i knew that fished Ranibow refused to go in there, we took T.P. and hit the woods.:S :S
  5. thats rainbow lakes for ya...
  6. There is a paylake down towards King's Island called Cozy Dale. It's in Goshen, OH I went there once two years ago, and it was the cleanest paylake I've been to. Well mowed grass, not too many people fishing, plenty of room, big fish. They had porta potty's that were well kept, no running water, though. I can't find a website for them but if you search for Cozy Dale paylake on google, it will give you direstions. Hope this helps!
  7. voice of America park sounds really nice also marsh park in fairfield by one way farm is really nice i like to go there would be extremely family friendly as far as facilities go portolets at marsh are all they have to my knowledge. if you need or want any info shoot me a pm.
  8. Nightprowler

    Nightprowler Crappie Hunter


    Trout will be stocked on the first Friday in March. If we have typical spring weather we will be stocking catfish in April and May.
    Ponds and the lake offer lots of fishing for trout, catfish and many other species. A large planted prairie bursts with flowers and tall grasses from summer into fall. And then there’s the farm, loaded with friendly farm animals that delight both children and adults.
    Night Fishing Every Friday and Saturday, thru September 30, for fishing only. Bring flashlight or lantern.

    Sat. 06/07 Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs; Knot Tying
    A law enforcement officer will teach children and young adults the fundamentals of fishing while discussing good decision-making skills and the importance of not using drugs. Fishing poles and bait are provided. Reservations requested call 275-PARK, ext. 1416, walk-ins welcome. Meet at Farm - 4790 Frytown Road.
  9. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Sorry dude,no sympathy,whaddya expect from a place like that? Shoulda hit the river. I fish it almost every day and I have never had any trouble like you believe might be there and I fish it in the city all the time.Used to take my kids there all the time when they were young,never a problem. It's as safe as you want it to be. You are your own worst enemy on the river,not anyone else out there as they won't bother you...more'n likely other people will just go around or avoid you cuz they don't want to see you any more'n you want to see them.GMR is waaaay safer than rainbow anyday!!! TC1
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    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I'm a 300# man and can handle more than my own if need be and I've been in a couple sitations at night on the GMR. Shoot once, a fellow OGF'er and I were fishing at the dam in WC when 3 or 4 guys drove up, parked and got out. We grabbed what ever we ahd clsoe to us (2 metal flashlights if I'm not mistaken) and thought we'd have to use them. For whatever reason they backed away and luckly we didn't have to use them.

    Just last year in a spot close to that I thought a guy was going to steal my Jeep and trailer while I was loading the boat. Yea... no kidding. I had my son with me and it was prob midnight or so. I backed the Jeep and trailer down and walked to the docked boat. It was the oddest thing you could imagine. The dude had to be on drugs. I would have been REALLY ticked off if I would have had to shoot my own freakin Jeep tires off while someone was trying to steal it.

    I dont know all the details (nor do I want to know them) but I remember Salmonid having trouble with a couple guys over near Cranes Run. I think he thought these two fellas were prepared to have their way with him If I recall or soemthing along those lines. I do know for a fact that some guy really did try to pick up a fellow OGF'er.

    With all that said, I've still been on the GMR more times without having a problem than with problems. Just make sure to be armed and wearing a chasity belt.

    What would maybe help a little is is those fine folks form the Metro Parks would keep their places open past dark. (I know Possum Cree is open from 8am-10 pm April though Oct then 8am-8pm March through Nov) If I'm not mistaken all the Metro Parks are like that, with the exception of Eastwood when they have their midnight hours, if they still have that deal) Why don't they do this: BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT THESE PROBLEM PEOPLE THERE, THE SAME PROBLEM PEOPLE THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! ;) :) I think that initself backs up what Jackfish is talking about.
  11. as far as places to fish,

    the metro parks are all fairly nice and are family friendly. carrigehill m,etro park has a nice pond (I haven't been there in about a year). There are some decsent catfish in there along with largemouth bass and ofcourse lots of bluegill for the kids. the only downside is that there are a lot of people that fish there so it gets a lot of pressure. I think thewy close at dark.
  12. Cozy-Dales is the best Paylake around to take the family. They have indoor restrooms, Nice sized pond geared more twords the family than the 2 larger lakes, A small play ground the the kids. And it is very clean. They even clean up the cigarette butts laying around.
  13. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    H2O,bcz some guys get out of a car at night is reason to worry? Did they approach you and make a threat? You "thought" someone was going to steal your jeep and trailer? Lock 'em up...I would'nt leave my vehicle or trailer unlocked in my own driveway.
    Carrying a gun is way overboard no matter what you're doing unless you're a drug dealer or a cop.
    The levee you and salmonid seem to freak on has never been any issue other than parkside kids trying to steal the change from my cars' cupholder and they moved it for construction of 75.
    I've fished the river in downtown (and all over,both N and S)for more'n 40 yrs,lived next to it for almost 30 now,don't weigh 300 lbs and never had any issue regarding my personal safety except for wading in a flooded river I should'nt've been in anyway(my own worst enemy).All I can say is I'm glad there's such a great place to fish so close to where I live that has such excellent access. Heck,you can even fish from a concrete sidewalk at Riverview or at the Monument st bridge and low dam if ya don't feel like getting muddy or wet! Those two would be prime for Jackfish to take the kids...just don't take your eye's off your pole cuz there's some big fish in there! TC1
  14. I've never had a problem on the GMR. Haven't been to a paylake. But I also carry and will continue to do so if I anticipate coming in contact with any other human. The guy who wants to rob you will appreciate you not going way overboard, it will make his next fix easier to come by. I hope for the crackhead's sake TC1 he approaches you before me. I'm not a drug dealer or a cop, only a law abiding citizen who exercises his right to not be an easy target, nor have to fear going somewhere because I have no way to protect myself (or my child) from non-law abiding citizens who prefer that I work for their money instead of doing it themselves. But I digress, during the day I've not had a problem on the GMR in downtown Dayton.
  15. Hey TC!, just for fun, tonight, in the rain, while castnetting bait fish downtown, had a "less then fortunate fellow" (Looked homeless), elderly, no jacket, grizzled beard, paper bottled flask in hand, walk about 30 feet from me and proceed to take a leak in the river while talking to someone who was invisable. I was right there and witnessed all of his glory. Was I afraid of him?, nope, would I want my kids to witness that, no way!! I always feel better while standing in the water anyways. I opted to not fish in this same spot 1 night last week because of 3 drug dealer types hanging around where I was to park and not another soul in sight, so I used my better judgement and kept on going. Sure its possible they were valadictorians of their class but not likely.;)
    TC1, your right, its not just the GMR, in 30+ years of wading, I had a few tense moments on the LMR, Mad river, and Stillwater as well as OB Creek, RF Creek and SB creek which are out in the sticks so I suppose being in a city closer to civilization may seem a little more secure. In my younger days, I had many times been caught in what could have been a bad position, luckily not, and I learned from them.

    Did I mention a friend while riding his bike with child on the bikeway below the 3 rd street bridge was robbed at gunpoint about 15 years ago??

    I may seem a little over protective but preventive maintenence is the best answer, dont put yourself in those situations and youll be fine. I know, I work in a lot of the poorer parts of Dayton and have seen it all. One of my coworkers was robbed about 3 weeks ago right near Wolf Creek and Gettysburg. Using good judgement will help but not eliminate risk.

    Sorry for the rant
  16. First off let me thank all those that offered ideas and suggestions, much appreciated.

    In regards to Tall cool ones post….
    GMR in the evening, been fishing it for quite a while now…over that whole time frame I have seen two parks officers, that’s it. As safe as you want it to be? I have had a few situations where things didn’t seem right, and was able to remove myself from them without incident. I have just as much cohunas as the next guy, but strongly feel that when kids are involved there is little room for em, that prudence is the best course. My best friend is a Dayton cop, if you think Dayton is “safe”, your nuts. Not to say we shouldn’t fish the river, it is great and I enjoy many a night there (just not in the company of 2 year olds).
  17. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Wow,never had anything like you guys are talking about happen to me.Took my kids there all the time in the late 80's and early 90's,again,no problems. Places I won't park:sunrise park by wolf creek and under the rt 75/monument bridge.
    Using common sense is basic about fishng either in the city or out in the sticks. Don't put yourself in situations you may regret.
    Jackfish,what about eastwood lake? Is that too rough? TC1
  18. You're 3 hunnie? I'm 5'7" 140 pounds. I bet I would RNC you or pull you in my gaurd for some tight armbar to triangle transitions, might even lock on a kimura for the ladies!:p
  19. CJ Brown is nice to fish off the bank. Pretty much anywhere you go you can catch catfish day or night. It's great for kids because the action is so good. Just take a ring worm and dip bait. Replace the treble hook with a circle hook and you will catch plenty and you can release them unharmed. Using two rods for you and two for the kid, you should average a catfish every half hour or less. Lots of small to medium channel, some blues, and the occasional flathead. I have been there lots of times at night and not seen any trouble. Eastwood is perfectly fine pretty much anytime. Not as many catfish as CJ, but still catcheable. A couple of other sleepers are the pond at Lincoln Park and the pond at the old Delco Park on Dorothy lane. Possum Creek is OK during the day. Sycamore State Park just off Wolf Creek Pike has two ponds with decent fish. If you hurry there will still be catcheable trout. I have fished GMR from Dayton north and Stillwater as well. Some sections I wouldn't go near at night. During the day I don't worry. Lots of smallmouth, crappies, catfish, and one old river rat I ran into claimed he had even caught muskie. Used to be plenty of saugeye, but I have not fished it lately to know. Just don't eat anything south of the Mad.
  20. And when BennyLovesSaugeyes is done with ya, I'll turn you into a newt, and maybe make you do backflips for the ladies! J/K, to both of you!
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