Rainbow Lakes, Dayton

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  1. Can anyone share info on how to catch northerns, & trout this month on Rainbow lakes, dayton? I'm a basser; but, I can't wait any longer to wet a line.

  2. I have never caught any northerns there but have caught many trout using lures such as tasmanian devils.

  3. where is rainbow lakes at? I am from up north but my kids live in moraine.
  4. do you have a boat with either a 10hp or trolling motor? you should be able to get a boat on Acton Lake (huston woods state park) - we were there 2 weeks ago and the water was already at summer pool. It might actually be high with all the snow we had.
  5. honestly i dont know why pay-ponds stock northers, they are almosrt impossible to catch in a pay pond and eventually die off. you will see them about June swimming around with big sores. as for trout, hatchery trout arent hard to catch. a nitecrawler, wax-worm, power bait, or minnow under a float set about 3ft will do the job. if your up to it its best to keep your bait moving and cover more water. my favorite tequnique is using a #1 popeye (black/white head) tipped with a waxworm under a small peg float (set about 2-3ft) and slowly jigging it parallel with the bank about 10ft off the bank. regardless how deep the lake is you seldom get them below 8ft. also try and fish the banks where the wind is blowing. one last thing, fish the smaller ponds, they seldom stock the bigger ones with trout.
  6. Rainbow is at the corner of rt. 4 and rt. 235 (Chambersburg Rd.) between Huber Heights and Fairborn.
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    Having northerns in there might put a damper on a trout population! If I were to try for a pike there, id put a chub minnow (if i could fine one) under a bobber. If there's any brush or logs in the lake, pike like those.
  8. The trout have more than the pike to deal with. Temp. of H2O, lack of oxygen, large shovelhead, blue cats and east side rednecks put a big dent in them.:D