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  1. will this rain storm have taken all of the steelhead out of the river?
  2. I'm sure most would be washed back to the lake, which is a good thing. A few fresh ones probably made their run, but I would guess not in any big numbers.

  3. BigDaddy300

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    Like Arch said, I hope so also. They need to get out of the rivers. The water is getting way too warm for them.
  4. liquidsoap

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    The rain brought in other species.
    I have caught a couple sheephead and smallies.
    Even seen a few catfish caught.
    Also spotted a couple gar.

    I love the spring, so many oppertunities to catch nice fish.
  5. Fishaholic69

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    same here as liquid says seen the same species and caught a couple smallies also