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  1. Got around 5in in Mahoning today. Wonder if WB and Berlin will fill back up. With Milton full they have to hold up Berlin.
  2. drove by WB this morning and almost all the land is covered again over by knapp rd.... it pretty much is all covered on the west side of knapp!

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    the lakes are def. changed for a bit, portage had a visble strong current running today. also i am wondering what this rain will do for the bite at berlin in lakes trail this weekend???
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    Berlin is currently about 1 foot above summer pool. A friend of mine was at his trailer there yesterday.
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    That's excellent news jigginfool. Thanks for the report. Gotta be close to summer pool again.
  6. On the Corps website today they have Berlin's water elevation at 1026.8. Summer pool is 1024.7 and last week it was at 1018.9! That's almost 8ft she's come up!

    BTW, They are dropping it 1-2 inches a day.
  7. Thats ALOT of water!!!!!!!!!!! Ive seen it up in the parking lots,then down 4 ft in two days. By letting that much water out one would think Milton would be up. Bet the out-flow is down below Milton but not for long! As soon as Berlin drops they will open Miltons gates. By then the run off should caught up down stream. WB and Skeeter will SLOWLY drop if not lay full till Fall.
  8. Was on West Branch Wed evening.....its still down seriously. It's up a little from last Friday but must be at least 3-4' low.

    Spent the evening bassin....got one LM maybe 14".
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    They always draw these lakes down in the Fall so they can catch Spring rainwater. Even though they have come up they will take them back down to Fall drawdown level. Milton is the last one they draw down.