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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mas5588, May 26, 2017.

  1. mas5588

    mas5588 Not in Kansas anymore...

    Anyone suggest quality rain gear that doesn't cost $700 for the set?

    Would like something I can rely on for less than $200, which seems reasonable in principle, but not so much in practice.

    Must be bibs and jacket. Don't want pants. Doesn't have to keep me all that warm as I'll primarily use it in moderate temps. I can always layer underneath.

  2. gander mountain is having close out sales - maybe take a "gander" - lol - i kill myself

    best move i ever made was buying 2 sizes too big - layers fit underneath, urinal, so forth
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  3. Check out field supply.com

    They have some good deals
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  4. All I can say is...spend the most that you can...its worth it
  5. Second Field Supply. Great deals on Frabil
  6. Carhart. I work in them and they hold up. Mine have lasted years in some very rough conditions. You'll probably spend less than $200 for the bibs and jacket.
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  7. ezbite

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    I bought a north face hooded rain jacket from gander mtn when they started the going out of business sale. i've always had my eye on this jacket but was waiting for it to go on sale. got it for $84 and i've been out in several rain storms wearing it this last month or so, stayed nice and dry every time, no leaking seams after a few hours like with many of my other rain jackets. I'm thinking about going out and buying the camo one they have on clearance just for bow season.
  8. Ive got onyx thunder ridge and i like it so far
  9. Arctic Armor Got mine $239 on sale bibs and hooded jacket. Company out of Pitts. Pa
  10. fishhogg

    fishhogg Bass are for guys who can't catch Walleye

    The best bargin out there is Frogg Toggs. If you don't want to spend the money for a good set. The bibs should hold up for a season, but at the price you can buy them, just replace as needed. I bought a couple extra sets and just leave them in the boat, always have someone who forgets rain gear. My personal set is HUK. But I fish ice out to ice up.
  11. go to www.fieldsupply........frabill F2 gear.....get the set for $90.00 ....no complaints.
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  12. Try Kool Dri, works well for mr and won't break the bank.

  13. Anybody got a recommendation for rain gear that can last through thick brush and prickers for deep woods hunting. I always tear holes in my outer layer.
  14. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    Also got a NorthFace rain jacket this spring. A+ quality, wear it all time in straight downpours, couldn't be more pleased.
  15. Gander in mentor had 3 xxl green bibs yestersay goING for under a 100. No jacket though.