Rage replacement Blades

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by DLC, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. DLC


    Any one know who has Rage 2 blade replacement blades in stock? I've had a set on back order from Cabelas since Aug and they now say they wont be in until 11-30-07!!!
  2. Good Luck buddy, theres a run on the broadheads themselves almost everywhere, I killed a nice Doe Weds eve with a Rage 2 blade and could use the replacements myself.My shot was slightly front quartering, but i had the angle. 20 yards, blades deployed as described, exited deer opposite side back of ribs. i took out 1 lung and the liver, very quick kill, was thuroughly impressed with this head, and i'm gonna stay with em.....The only thing was the blades were both bent,apperently from rear of shoulder blade impact...so until replacements are available, i'm down to two heads. Good luck

  3. I thought I saw some at Buckeye Outdoors in Newark this past weekend. They may have been practice blades though, now that I think back trying to remember.