Radio show Sunday 7/27

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  1. I'll be guest co-hosting with Reno Reda and Bob Faber on "Inside the Great Outdoors" radio show Sunday morning.

    The show is on WHK 1420 AM in Cleveland from 8AM til 10. But, for those of you who are out of the area, you can listen live by clicking the "Inside the Great Outdoors" banner to the right, or by clicking the following link...

    It's a LIVE call-in show and we'll be discussing ALL THINGS OUTDOORS! Give us a call at 216-901-0945. There is a toll free number too, but I forgot it. duh... We'll give out the numbers at several points during the show.

    I hope to hear from you!
  2. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    First let me say that I have been a loyal listener to this show since it was on WKNR a few years back. I'm getting a little annoyed with the "bird guy" that usually co-hosts mabey Bob Favor (I tend to zone out when bird are talked about). It seems like all they talk about anymore is birds or Iowa plains sightseeing. I still listen, even though I'm not much of a fowl fan. I'm just a talk radio fan and that's the best thing going for me on Sunday mornings while I'm at work. Try to talk a little fishing tommorow Big Daddy, I'll be listening!!

  3. PapawSmith

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    I agree with PB. My favorite bird "viewing" is a Phesant above the front bead of my 28 ga. All the other birds just stain the hood of my truck. Very much looking forward to Big Daddy tomorrow. Be great if he could get Nip on the line and explain how he manages to pull off the best Bass turny's you can fish in Ohio. I don't have time to mow my grass, don't know how Rory can find time to put together such organized events. With Nick on the march toward becoming a local champ I think Nip's turny's would be a great topic. :)
  4. Birdwatching is a lot of fun. And it's FABER.
  5. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Bird watching might be fun, but hearing about it on the radio for an hour and a half isn't. I can see during hunting season talking about ducks, turkey, etc. but bird watching in S. Dakota not so much good radio.... Reno does a good job of interupting FABER, and moving on to other topics. Good Luck and have fun!! I've listened to other shows you've done and liked the change.
  6. Now you know as well as I do the guys NEVER stick to one topic through the whole show like that... C'mon... At least be accurate in your criticisms! :)

    And I think they've been talking pheasant and duck hunting in SD more than birding there......
    I think you're getting FABER mixed up with Jim Peters... He's the SD guy who hunts there a lot. I liked his story on swan hunting from last year. I don't think Reno has ever had to interrupt Bob, but Jim on the other hand, when he gets going on a subject, LOOK OUT! LOL!!! He does have some interesting points of view and stories to tell. He's one heck of a wild game chef too. :!
  7. ParmaBass

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    I just saw an Elk on I-480 around the Valley View bridge on my way home from work. Thing was the size of a race horse and had a rack like you wouldn't believe!! :)

    Pretty good show today. Killed me when Capt. Elliott called in and said how good the Perch were biting, doesn't look like I'm gonna get out today:(
  8. That was a fun call... Elk??? Only one I saw was at Dumas Meats in Suffield!

    Not sure if we'll hit Lake erie today or just stick to Portage Lakes for the evening bass bite... We'll see.

    Thanks to Reno and Bob for inviting me on. As usual, it was a blast.