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  1. Hey gang! Let's get this started a little earlier this week so we can give Reno some good reports to use on the air Sunday morning.

    If your report is used, it will be credited "on-air" with a mention of your OGF name! :D

    Even though the show originates out of NE Ohio, reports STATEWIDE are welcomed, as the show is webstreamed LIVE on the Internet...

    Thanks everyone!


    Largemouth bass are hitting Texas rigged worms on the weed flats in 3 to 5 ft of water. The big redears have gone deeper, and can be caught drifting 10 to 14 ft of water using jig/waxworms. White seems to be the best color right now.
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    yesterday (tues the 10th) off ashtabula, ohio in 68 to 72 FOW. the steelhead were hitting anything gold trolled at 2.8 mph on the GPS, fish between 38 and 46 feet down from the surface.. make sure to loosen your drags because they are breaking 20 lb test leaders on the first strike, even with the use of a snubber.

    i was not able to put together a walleye program worth reporting:(

    the black flys were biting on anything with warm blood running thru their veins...

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    What's the limit on black flies? To funny!! Easy Bite. LOL!