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    I am thinking of installing a radio (fm/cd/etc.) in my boat. Anyone have good or bad things to say of any of them. Thinking of getting one of the package deals that come with the speakers and all. Just curious.
  2. Make sure all your connections are tight,and the unit is anchord properly!!!
    Alot of times with wave actioons and running your boat the connection loosen up?

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    I bought a Dual Marine Boat CD MP3 Player with Weatherband, Dual external mount speakers, and a short antenna that I mounted to my hardtop, back in Mar 06. It has been very reliable. The unit also has a jack to hook up an IPOD and play it thru my speakers. I got the radio and speakers off of e-bay from "thedeepdiscount." The antenna came from BassPro. The speakers are Dual DMS655SM 6.5" 175 Watts Marine Speakers priced at $35.00 for the pair. I looked in my back records and can't find the price of the radio (but it wasn't $150). My radio will also play MP-3 music, and one CD full of MP-3 will last all day. If you want to get into real top-notch quality stereo ($$$), do a search for "stereo" on . Some of those guys over there border on fanatical. If I was you I would stick to marine classed radio and speakers, not a car radio. The circuit board on marine quality radios are weatherized (think epoxy covered boards). The tone on mine is excellent with no distortion as loud as my ears can handle it. If your radio will be exposed, there are companies that sell weather proof boxes the radio can be mounted in.
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  4. Last year I installed a weatherproof box to hold my radio/cd player. It is a Jensen product. Probably around $35. It holds an automotive radio /cd player, Sony brand that I picked up with 4 speakers last winter from Walmart for $80.00 The sound is fantastic. The speakers do not have any paper material, they are a plastic material so moisture / water shouldn't/hasn't caused any problems. I trailer my boat so I am thinking not as big a risk for moisture to cause issues. In the 80's I had an automotive AM/FM radio in my docked boat for over 10 years without any problem.
    Just my experience but the coated boards surely would not hurt.
    If you get a weatherproof bo be sure to close the door when underway...I had cooler water/blood splash up after hitting a wave the wrong way and splash the front of the unit. Never thought that would happen.
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    i baught a jensen last year w/ speakers,tape player and remote for about $120. the remote was well worth it . if your putting it in an aluminum boat,the frame has to be insulated from the aluminum. i suggest the weather proof box as mentioned for best results to make it last.
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    Don't bother w/ expensive speakers. Paid quite a bit for my Clarions, sun cooked them anyway. Need new one's this year (7'th season).
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    Thanks for the replies.
    Was at Gander last night looking at their package deals. $150 for the radio and speakers doesn't sound too bad. Right now just carry around the boom box and plug it in the cig. lighter.