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Radio Fishing Report

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Radio Reno, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Hi Gang,

    As many of you know each week on Inside the Great Outdoors (Sunday 8-10am, 1420 WHK) radio show I do an OGF fishing report. Usually I pick through various posts. I want to try something different this week. Please post a report from your area of the state with this thread. Could be a lake, river, farm pond, or the BIG pond. Include the lake name if you are willing to share the secret.

    For instance: My wife and I cleaned house this week fishing a 9 acre lake for bluegills in the Geauga County area. Small jigs tipped with maggots or worm did the trick.

    Regardless please call the show if you have time from the water or field. OGF members are always welcome with their questions or comments and listeners love the live from the water reports. 216-901-0945. For those too far away click the "Listen Live" block on the IGO Banner on the right side of the screen and have the show webcast in real time. The show is also rebroadcast from 10-midnight every Sunday.


  2. largemouths were hitting in 3 to 8 ft of water. texas rigged senkos. june bug,red shad, motoroil were the top producers. a total of 7 bass were caught ranging in weight from 1lb to wife caught the 5.5 on a 4 and half foot ultralite rod with 2lb test. it was a blast today. also caught alot of small bluegill,and white perch. all the fish were in the reeds with dropoffs near by.

  3. Thanks Buckeye6. I have maintained for years that lake is a largemouth haven.
  4. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Just across the ohio/ PA line, is Shenango lake. We are catching slab crappies up to 14"s. Altho the bite has slowed due to day boat traffic, the fishing is still good during the earliest hours of the morning. White bass and stripers can be caught as they are busting thru schools of shad on the surface. Any color 3" twistertail on an 1/8 oz jighead will work. Bass are being caught on the shoreline timber and shallow brush on a variety of baits. Very few walleyes are being caught and that is during lowlight hours. Trolling seems to be what's working best. Also, northern pike are being caught trolling spoons and large stickbaits behind downriggers. Come on over and have a great day in PA.
  5. I think if folks start posting reports for radio use on say, Wednesday, I think there'd be more of a response... Weekends, most guys are on the water!

    We'll get a list going earlier this week and fill up your mailbox Reno! LOL!

    BTW, 35 walleye today East of Lorain... was on a charter. It was work, but we got close to a full ticket.

    Sure was HOT out. LOL!!!