racoon creek

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dangerdave50, May 24, 2007.

  1. has anyone ever had any luck catching the lm. sm. bass around the shore. i fished the peir yesterday and they were swimin all around and i tried prettymuch every lure in my box (crankbaits, erie deiries, tubes, jig-n-pork, 2in white jig) i dont know what would work, i think their always eating the little bluegill so they never seem to want to hit anything.
  2. Whenever you have sighted Bass around shore and tried every thing in the old tackle box and nothing seems to work its time to break out the almighty nightcrawler. (fat, live one) Just put a single no. 6 or 8 hook on your line, no weight at all, and throw it in front of the Bass, allow a few feet in front of the Bass.Throw it out and let it sink, then let some slack in your line, the Bass will pick in up and your line will begin to move, don't pull right away wait untill the line is taught, then let it Rip!!! This a very good way of catching them. I use this method all the time, It usally works for me. Ps. If a bluegill gets a hold of the crawler first, it's best to put a new crawler on, for some reason the Bass won't hit it after a gill gets it. Pss. If you do catch a Bass please take a picture and quickly release it!!! Good luck and tell me how you did.