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  1. Just got back from spending a week fishing the tailwaters area and can report this:
    Saw some hybrids caught up to 8lbs, mostly on top water action when the river did not have to much flow going on. Many around a pound or two on twisty tails (WHT, GRN, ) and on plugs. Did hit hard when they wanted to bite. Caught about 40 this size durnig the week.

    Sauger are in if you like the 8" and under ones. Did manage to get about 20 or so above the 10" keeper size. They were very finiky on color and style of lure they would hit during the day, kinda mixed in with the white bass and small hybrids (used same colors as above). This would change from morning to afternoon.

    Cold and rainy weather made fishing tough at times, they would start hitting then rain would come in and knock it out for some time. Clouds and darker conditions did not help either.
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    Fishman Catch bait???

    Good report, hitting the river all next weekend. Hoping, if nothing else, the saugers are at Meldhal.