Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by PoleSnatcher, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. When is that looser son of yours gonna go hang my stands out to your place?

    You seen anything decent? How is Mr. 6 looking?

    Mr. 6 is going down!!!!! :! !@ :mad:
  2. I haven't seen or heard from him in 6 weeks!maybe longer?you didn't give him any money? did yu?? :D ,probably out laying in the woods somewhere?? -------------saw 5 the other day!!4 had some wood on em'!!even seen one with spots!!!they have been hanging around springs a lot when the weather was dry,now?? who knows? I'm thinking that cold weather will be early this year? you gonna squirrel hunt any??? !@

  3. never squirl hunted, I seen my new deer gun the other day, .50cal. fully automatic on a tripod, see if that buger gets away this time hahahahahaha
  4. since your not doing much these days, how about I send up a truck of lumber and ya build me a couple stands and but that deer in a cage for me, although I'd probbly miss again and my gun would jam!!!!
  5. I talk to you every two to three days, it is hard being Polesnatchers Boss, it takes a lot of time sitting talking about hunting, golfing, and beer. Ahhh what a life.
  6. I still think it is the holder of the gun and not the gun. It is easier for you to jump the deer up for me to shoot for you. ha ha ha ha ha