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  1. a1deerhunter

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    I know it probably does not belong here but. Rest in peace Matt Maupin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.:(
  2. misfit

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    ditto.though everyone was hoping for a happier homecoming,his family at least has him back,and has some kind of closure,and may peace come to them now.

  3. Seaturd

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    R.I.P. Matt and every other military man and woman who gave their life for this country.
  4. Our community here in Clermont County have been waiting along time for his return.

    R.I.P.. Matt you will be missed..
  5. jeffmo

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    it is a damn shame about that young man.i hope that God will help his parents find peace of mind quickly and have nothing but good memories of him.
    his death was sensless.he was a prisoner of war and no longer a threat to his enemy.it goes to show the type of people our military is dealing with over there.